October 2, 2022

World Teachers Day: AMLi commends teachers contribution globally

By Moses Nosike

In recognition of World Teachers Day, a non governmental and non profit organisation, A Mother’s Love Initiative (AMLi) saddled with the responsibility to preserve, protect, enhance, and sustain the well-being and the future of every African child has joined many concerned individuals and meaningful organisations all over the world to commend the efforts of teachers towards nation building.

World Teachers Day is a annual milestone celebrated every October 5 since it was introduced in 1994 by UNESCO. The essence of it is to draw attention to the achievements and contributions of teachers towards a  better society through sound teaching and as well highlight its concerns and objectives. 

This year marks the 28th anniversary of World Teachers’ Day with the theme: “Teachers at the heart of education recovery”.

According to the Founder/President, AMLi, Hanatu A. Enwemadu, Esq, we at A Mother’s Love Initiative join the world to celebrate all teachers worldwide. “They are the real heroes and heroines that save the day in every society. Every home and society need the teacher figure. Parents and guardians are primarily the first teachers any child could have. Siblings, uncles, aunties, relatives and friends also lend their share of teaching, influencing and impacting the child’s informal education. Then formally, teachers groom them through the rest of their education”. 

Enwemadu said that teachers work hard to inspire, guide, educate, and mentor us every day. “They are the origin of all professions, and no sane society can thrive without teachers”.

Continuing she said, “teachers play a key role in the psychological, sociological, technological and economic advancement or development of any society; they are at the core of the growth and development of the individual, and the society at large. The role teachers play at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels of education are equally as critical and pivotal as that of parents because teachers assume the responsibility of training and molding the child’s future in loco parentis (in place of parents) throughout their engagements with children. 

In the same vein and in the spirit of celebrating World Teachers Day, Barrister Enwemadu said that A Mother’s Love Initiative (AMLi) has set up research, psychosocial interventions across informal, semi-formal, and formal setting of education and advocacy to enlighten the African populace on the dangers of the hurried child syndrome. 

She further said that AMLi also focuses on the mental health of teachers and its implications on socio-emotional learning environment in the school setting. “Today, AMLi gives a shout out to all teachers in celebration of all their heroic efforts as primary change agents in the society. AMLi also empathizes with teachers in Africa, and in particular Nigeria, where such noble sacrifices are not properly recognized by way of low wages/poor salary structures, Poor infrastructure/work environment, inadequate teaching aids, poor funding from the government, lack of proper training and retraining, and poor image of teachers in the society.