By Ayo Onikoyi

Oluwatosin Adejumobi, popularly known as Tosin Bee is a Contemporary African gospel artiste whose music centers on percussions such as the talking drum, the drum set, shekere, omele and other local instruments delivering deliciousness to his sound and performances. On the contemporary side his music is a fusion of the keyboard, bass guitar, lead guitar and the brass instruments.

I recently had the privilege to listen to one of the most celebrated Tosin Bee’s music, Unlimited Praise, and I could draw many parallels from his music and the history of contemporary African gospel music. Deeply rooted in the rich traditions of the African-American church. During the late 1800s, African-American churches in the southern United States started fusing various styles of music into their worship services, including African-American spirituals, hymns, and sacred songs. Contemporary African Gospel music was built on cross-pollination with western popular music and genres of African popular music which gave birth to his genre of music.

Tosin is a great performer with electrifying movements and a melodious voice that soothes his listeners attesting to his versatility as the occasion accepts. Since his coming into the music scene with, Testimony, his debut album he has continuously risen through the ranks of Gospel Music Ministry becoming a favourite to many who have accepted his style of music. The inspiration for Testimony came after himself and his band members had a ghastly accident on their way back to Lagos from a show in Ibadan. Little wonder the title, Testimony came to be and as you can tell indeed it was.

The typical, Tosin Bee with a Microphone would get an audience of a million people up on their feet and dancing as he is an epitome of musical artistry blended with an energy for all seasons and times. What’s defining about him is the ease of the use of his vocals which comes out of him effortlessly as you can evidently see him singing without a drop of struggle. The alignment of his vocal cords with his output is certified absolute.

The argument is not if Tosin Bee can sing, he can as he doesn’t need to prove a point anymore. Shining one more time with his new album, Praise Unlimited which is a breath of fresh air, a compilation of your popular praise and worship songs presented in a new way seasoned with a fine selection and arrangement, the BGV harmonies, turnarounds and syncopations.

Praise Unlimited is Tosin Bee’s first long length recording and it takes a bold heart to do that. One must commend him for going this route. he shines through with his usual vocal delivery laced with a well arrange flow of songs. Its precept upon precept, layers upon layers. The urban dynamics on this record sets it apart from the rest as he bridges the gap between the island and the trenches, there is something for everyone.

In line with his ministry, Switch with Tosin Bee, is a platform created for people to come and drop every burden on their mind and just give God praise, a lot of times our miracle is a praise away. So, it’s an avenue to switch from whatever you are going through, to praise.
Plans for another engaging dose is in the pipelines after the success of the first one. Rehearsals have kicked off at Beezle Studios which is a state of the art video and audio recording studio that he had just structured.

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