October 6, 2022

Peace returns to Iwevbo community

Peace has finally returned to Iwevbo/Ovre-Eku Community, a settlement of Eku indigenes in Orhiovwon Local Government Area of Edo State.

The crisis which lasted for over fifteen years was termed by many as an issue of supremacy and leadership tussle.

But, news broke out on Saturday afternoon that the opposing camps met at the residence of Chief Joseph Ukueku in Eku and pledged to work together and unite for the good of the community.

Confirming the development in a phone conversation, Hon. Emmanuel Edevbie, said: “The people present include Chief Ojo Adjene; I was also there and other prominent persons like Chief Atavwigho were there. The elders were present and the entire youths of the community and the women were also present.”

He noted that “the peace is to bring development and growth to the community; to have a cordial relationship among the indigenes of Iwevbo community and also to enjoy what God has blessed us with,” saying that they are determined “to create an enabling environment to the investors in the area. 

He said that the crisis has affected the community in so many areas most especially the benefit that ought to come directly to them and other sensitive projects have been delayed because of the crisis, adding that the crisis has also created room for strangers to have way in the community.

Speaking further, he said that all sons and daughters have decided to work and leave behind crisis for peace and progress of the community to happen.

Another leader in the community, Chief Ojo Adjene, who spoke said there were disputes, stating that they have settled.

His words: “Though we have settled to some extent, but today, we did the final settlement. So the Iwevbo community has become one. So, we will now work together as a union, as brothers and sisters and there is no segregation amongst us. So today, we decided to meet in our eldest man’s compound, Chief Joseph Ukweku, the Odiba 1 of Africa. So the things went well, very smoothly. 

He continued: “Like the company, in subsequent time, we will have time to meet with them and make a way forward for the progress of the whole place. So, today is a great day in Iwevbo community. All the grievances and those that they offended, whatever it may be, we have forgiven each other, and we all drank together and we ate together, and everybody were dismissed with happiness. So, Ivbewo community is in one accord.”

According to him, “the only thing remaining now that the indigenes have become one, all other people that we know have grievances with any other person, apart from the indigenes, like maybe the company or whatsoever, as time goes on, peace accord will be made. And we will invite the company, whosoever they have dispute with, because when we have faction, because not all are working with the company accordingly, so those areas will be touched, so that everybody will work together in amicable way for the development of the place. “

Felix Okotie, spokesman to the eldest man, said “Everybody was satisfied with the information being passed to the public. One of the major discussion is that both people are the same people, the same community.”

He said: “The community has finally resolved their age long crisis at the eldest man’s residence in Eku, Chief Joseph Ukueku and the entire community has resolved to work together without differences. And as such, we call on all indigenes of Iwevbo community to queue behind the leadership of Chief Joseph Ukueku as the eldest man of the community.