By Dennis Agbo

South East campaigner of Aswiju Bola Tinubu for President, Dr. Josef Onoh has disparaged the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar for separately promising to hand over power to both a south easterner as well as Governor Nysome Wike of Rivers state in 2027, if the zone and Wike, respectively, support him to become President in the February 2023 president election.

Atiku made the same promise separately to the group and individual when he met them, differently, to solicit their support. Atiku had in Enugu, on Thursday, told the south east people, when he consulted PDP members, that he will facilitate a south east presidency after his tenure and reportedly went on to make the same promise to Nysome Wike in Abuja, on Saturday, where Atiku held close door meeting with Wike over the Governor’s opposition to his election.

Atiku’s campaign spokesman, Dino Melaye has however denied that Atiku made such a promise to Governor Wike, imputing that the story emanated from Atiku’s political opponents.

Reacting to Atiku rampant promises, Onoh said that Dino’s denial was expected, but that Atiku’s litany of same promises to different groups and individuals were shameful, stressing that it was high time south east woke up to the reality that the Atiku does not mean well for them and urged the people to vote for the All Progressives Congress, APC, presidential candidate whom he said is from the southern Nigeria and has the potentials of becoming the next president of Nigeria, after Muhammadu Buhari.

Onoh said: “It is high time the people of south east woke up and support a southern candidate because the confusion has started, when deceit and lies have already started. Atiku’s visit to the south east was to sell them another lie. Obviously, the man that is promising them south east presidency went ahead, for his own selfish interest to promise Wike to facilitate him, forgetting that Wike is not against a South east president, Wike is rebelling against the PDP based on principle, insisting that a southern president must occur in the 2023 election.

“This is where he made a mistake and we are now urging everybody, every south eastern person, irrespective of political inclination, if it is Peter Obi they want to support, it’s okay and fine, so long as it’s done in a respectable manner, but we are also urging them not to cast all their eggs in one basket, stick with a southern presidency now that we have it, but not later people will confuse you.

“However, we in the Asiwaju Bola Tinubu campaign are urging the people of the south east to join us, including all the Governors who feel betrayed by the PDP to come and join us in the Asiwaju train because they can’t trust Atiku. They are now between the devil and the deep blue sea. If they support Atiku and he wins, he will come back to hurt them and get a pound of flesh. All these gimmicks being thrown at them are just  gimmicks to get what he wants after which he will come for them. Olusegun Obasanjo’s warning speaks volume about the true character of Atiku Abubakar.”

Onoh made encomiums on Governor Wike, describing him as principled man who the Asiwaju presidential campaign council would be glad to have as a patron. He stated that what the Tinubu campaign team and Wike are seeking for is the collective interest of Nigerians which Tinubu alone cannot accomplish, stating that Tinubu has showcased formation of a government of national unity with like minds such as Wike. 

“PDP should focus more now on the house rents being refunded by members of the National Working Committee and when they are through with the house rents and sorting out with landlords and house agents they can come back to join us in the campaigns. I urge Dino Melaye and the PDP to focus on the House rents,” Onoh satirized.


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