October 8, 2022

Ololade Adenekan, Miss Aviation Nigeria: How sponsors, participants can get great deal this December

Ololade Adenekan, Miss Aviation Nigeria: How sponsors, participants can get great deal this December

Creative Director and Project Manager of MAMAN Aviationworld, Ololade Adenekan, said on Sunday that the 2022 Miss Aviation Nigeria pageant billed to hold at the Muson center on the 16th of December would boost the economy and expose Nigerians to more profitable investments.

Ololade said the upcoming Miss Aviation Nigeria is the 3rd edition and it is everything better because of growth and how the experience has made the team understand the better ways of getting things done.

The Creative Director, who spoke in Lagos while hosting pressmen at a conference about the activities and events leading to the December event, lauded them for supporting the 3rd edition of the event, which was the first time it would be held outside Lagos.

She said, “In 2022, we are launching a new product that will help increase the value provided to our sponsors, participants, and aviation enthusiasts, just stay tuned.

“In the past, we used to have the conference and exhibition together and it’s been good. We have people give good feedback on how attending our events impacted their career or investment decisions, this is our joy and satisfaction. The next conference and exhibition will be in February and we are so excited. We have spoken a lot about the pageantry and will as our engagements with the press continue.”

The Publicist of the event, Ediale Kingsley, announced that registration is now on, “ladies between ages 18 – 32 should apply now before it closes. Tell your sisters, daughters, and friends, it is an amazing opportunity. Also, this is a very good valuable platform for sponsors and partners including individuals who love to empower. You can apply through the website maman (dot) com (dot) ng.”

Maman Aviationworld Limited simply called MAMAN is into aviation events that are entertaining, educative, and impactful. Events like the Nigerian Aviation Business Exhibition and Conference, the Miss Aviation Nigerian beauty pageant, and a talk show called Air Ready by Maman.

Ololade talks about how they have always empowered the ladies participating in the pageants. “We empower the ladies involved in the pageantry. We also do a lot of charity work including school visitations to talk about aviation. Then for our sponsors, we speak with them to understand their publicity needs and draw up something that fits. We make our value creation beyond just the event.

“For example, we shot an advert video for two of our sponsors. Then during our outreaches, for sponsors beyond a particular package, we keep listing their names on the items distributed to people throughout the year. The Miss Aviation Nigeria is free and fair and as a body integrity is key. Also, beyond the aviation training, we try to support the ladies through their businesses, self-development goals, etc.”

Ololade has built a professional beauty pageant and the team has been intentional about everything. “The participants learn a lot while in the boot camp so even if they do not win, they do not leave empty-handed then for our winner, if not yet in the aviation industry, we train them and connect them in the trained career path; if already in the industry, we do other things that are self-development related apart from whatever money is attached. In the past we have empowered between two – three ladies from each set by training in an aviation course of choice” she said.

Queen Patience Adokpe, of the 2019/22 edition had this to say to the pressmen, “I was just rounding up NYSC when I applied for the Miss Aviation Nigeria beauty pageant, and truly it was a great step as the pageant has helped form my career path in the aviation industry.
As the winner of the Miss Aviation Nigeria beauty pageant, I got free Cabin Crew training and license amongst other benefits. Today, I work with one of the best Airlines in Nigeria. I am certain that the foundation the pageant has provided me with will continue to impact my career even in years to come”.

Also speaking, Queen Nadoo Jomboh of 2018/19, “MAN gave me a platform to shine not just as an aviator but as a Queen. Being the first Miss Aviation was a thing of pride for me and it helped in my career advancement which landed me my current job. This platform might not be big now but it sure is impactful and I would like to encourage a lot of young girls to explore this opportunity. Do you think you have what it takes to be the Next MISS AVIATION NIGERIA? Hurry now and get your forms.”

Ololade ended her speech of the day by appreciating her team of hardworking professionals, “I love capacity building, everything I do is centered around that and this is no different. Seeing how we work with the ladies: from not knowing what to get from their lives to getting adequate training, getting a job, and earning a better life for themselves; the appreciation messages from the ladies; the super-amazing Maman team, my mum (she supports me with prayers and financially too when I get stranded laughs) and God most importantly.”