October 8, 2022

New York City mayor declares state of emergency over migrant influx

New York City mayor declares state of emergency over migrant influx


By Biodun Busari

New York City Mayor Eric Adams declared a state of emergency on Friday amid an influx of thousands of migrants to the city.

Adams lamented in a speech at City Hall yesterday that $1 billion would be spent to manage the inflow of migrants in the city which deals with housing systems.

He complained that more than 17,000 persons have arrived in New York since April which was an average of five or six buses conveying them per day since September.

The mayor said this was due to the United States southern border security and political dispute which has strained the city’s homeless shelter system.

The New York Times said Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican who is seeking a third term in November’s US midterm elections has bused more than 3,000 migrants to New York.

Adams criticized Abbott for failing to alert city officials when sending migrants to the city, calling it a “manufactured crisis.”

Reports said Abbott’s decisions are part of a high-profile campaign by him and the Republican governors of Florida and Arizona to put a spotlight on record crossings at the US-Mexico border in the run-up to the midterm elections.

They argue that US President Joe Biden, a Democrat, has failed to adequately secure the border.