October 9, 2022

Meet singer, Amma Abena, unafraid to unleash her sound

Meet singer, Amma Abena, unafraid to unleash her sound

By Gabriel Olawale

Amu Mary-Magdalene Abena popularly known as Amma Abena is an independent Afro-house, Afropop, Soul, and Alternative singer-songwriter of Nigerian and Ghanaian descent.

Born on the 2nd of July 1997, Amma Abena studied Economics and Statistics at the University Of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria.

Her career began with her debut single “Bread Crumbs’’ released in 2020 with the key message; If you died tonight, nothing would really change. A truth many know but are unable to come to terms with.

Amma Abena’s career spans features with Britain-based Nigerian singer ‘Sean Dampte’, Jamaican producer ‘Jahboy’ as well as writing songs for movies.

She’s had captivating live performances at Aramide’s Acoustic and Covers, Sunlight’s Master Brand Launch, Music for Safe Migration by IOM and so much more.

Her music glides through a variety of tumbling emotions yet sustains a key factor, HOPE which is highly visible in her debut EP released in August, 2022 titled ‘It’s Okay Not To Be Okay’

This EP houses 4 mind and body tingling songs: ‘Our Best’, the first track is a soft-sinking afropop, ‘We’re not Okay’; a reggae style bop, ‘Dance by Yourself’; an afro-house track that sustains the cry-dance mix of life, and then finally ‘Au revoir’ ends this body of work with quite the hilarious story.

Alongside music, Amma Abena is a content writer, producer and short story writer with published stories on Medium that many have claimed may break your heart.