October 12, 2022

‘Japa’: UK set to curb excess dependants from Nigerian migrants

‘Japa’: UK set to curb excess dependants from Nigerian migrants

The United Kingdom is looking at tightening the rules on how many relatives migrants can bring into the country.

According to Daily Mail, UK, it has been discovered that Nigerian migrants bring in the highest number of dependants when compared to other groups of migrants.

It was gathered that the UK Home secretary, Suella Braverman is considering tightening the rules on dependant.

This is coming after Home Office immigration figures showed a startling inconsistency across different nationalities coming to the UK to work and study.

Its report shows that Nigerians accounted for 40% of all dependants who accompanied foreign students in the 12 months to June – despite Nigerian students making up just 7% of all foreign students during the period.

Some 34,000 Nigerians were given study visas in the UK, bringing with them a total of 31,898 dependants. A similar ratio was recorded for work visas, with 8,972 Nigerians issued with one in the 12 months to June bringing with them 8,576 dependants.

A Home Office spokesman said: ‘[This] is the highest on record in our time series, with the substantial increase representing both a recovery from lower numbers during the Covid-19 pandemic but also an increase on the pre-pandemic period.’

Source: Daily Mail UK

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