It is always most likely that we will get influenced by the things we are exposed to. But passion also plays a key role, as much as if we develop the interest, nurture and sharpen it.

That was the summary title of how Nigeria’s singing sensation, Ajayi Solomon, popularly known as Specdo, began his career. Though it is a common story line to find musicians belong to church choir before rising into stardom, but it not common for an individual not to toe the footprints of his father as a prophet.

Specdo’s entrant into the country’s entertainment industry 16 years ago raised a lot of questions. His skill as a freestyle artiste almost challenged the old order, coming into the scene with his debut album titled “Community Riot,” in 2006 and subsequently a legion of hit songs including ‘’Tattoo Body’’, ‘’I moved from Grass to Grace’’, among others under Bravos House of Entertainment Imprint, Bravos Entertainment the following year.

The Musician, who was born in Ogun but hails from Delta State, is a highly gifted Afro-pop singer. He recently took a year-break to further re-assess his career and the business side of what he does. His absence had raised anxiety particularly from his fans, who were thirsty for more of him, having won the heart of millions of fans in his past releases.

But as a leopard that cannot change his skin, Specdoc returned with another hit, ‘NFT Album’, produced by ‘Tree Money Yard’ (TMY), the record label he founded. Following his much-anticipated comeback, he revealed in a recent chat with the media how he came about making music.

“I was born in the church, everything about Ajayi family is church, i am familiar with entertainment instruments from childhood. m
My father Johnson Ajayi is a famous prophet who always get invitations to different Zion churches and celestial Churches to preach. s
Seeing myself here today in the entertainment industry is not a surprise to me”, Specdo disclosed.

Continuing, Specdo, whose real name is Ajayi Solomon said, “the position i found myself today is not a big deal to me. I had access to all types of entertainment instruments in the church. This actually brought out the entertainment spirit build in me easily. Music is not hard work for me, that is why i don’t write songs.

“My father used to wake me up by 12am or 1am to go the church and start singing. I do sing with my dad all the time in the church. Sometimes he played the drums while I sing, and sometimes I play the drums while he is singing. I think that was what made music simple for me.

“My music is a freestyle, all the music producers who have worked with me know this Specdo does not write music from A-Z . I’m talented than any artist who write  music. When you write music, it is for the  business, when you don’t write them, it’s for the culture”, Specdo added.

Specdo described his ‘NFT Album’ as the “biggest” musical product to be released, adding that it is already a popular demand globally.

“This Album is going to be one of the biggest music in the industry over 10 Millions people are requesting for Specdo music With so much energy of tmy records team. Specdo NFT Album is going to be available on all platforms”, stressed Ajayi Solomon,

Nigeria’s creative and entertainment sector continues to grow in leaps and bounds. It is one of the country’s foreign earner and contents are well sought-after across the world, despite the lack of  support from the federal government.

Advising the incoming administration in 2023, he pointed that the nation can reap far from entertainment if the government would provide the necessary infrastructure and support.

“The president should allow us turn all the buildings in Lekki to entertainment companies. I believe they are so much money in the entertainment business than the politic industry. Since resources in the country is not enough to solve the country’s problems, let us use entertainment, I believe this will definitely be a solution”, Specdo stated.

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