October 8, 2022

Femi Aguda bags doctorate degree, advises Nigerian youths

Femi Aguda bags doctorate degree, advises  Nigerian youths

Influence begins with how much of ourselves we are prepared to let go for the benefit of others. It has been said that one of the best ways to influence people is to make them feel important, as it is difficult which lives we influence, when, and why.

Nigerian youths are some of the most industrious on this planet. They are hardworking, and dogged, and deserve commendation for their ingenuity. However, the push, encouragement, enabling environment, and start-up capital are highlights of some of the challenges confronting them.

However, they seem to have found a place where they can always run to; where they care to acquire valuable mentorship Aguda Olufemi Michael, popularly called Femi Aguda, a real estate mogul and founder of Block 22 Realty LL is providing the succor they seek.

Femi Aguda was recently awarded an honorary doctorate degree in Business Administration by Myles Leadership University, in recognition of the knowledge he has continued to bequeath to African entrepreneurs and youths.

The realtor encompasses huge knowledge and experience in business and entrepreneurship. Despite receiving training as a Metallurgy and Materials Engineer at the Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA), and a business degree from Cardiff Metropolitan University, Wales, United Kingdom, he followed his purpose and has become a shinning example.

Two years after he relocated to the United States from the UK, Femi Aguda obtained license to run his company in 2017 after a one-year internship with a real estate investor and later founded Block 22 Realty LL.

Drawing from his experience, the Block 22 Realty LL chief executive officer stated: “In the early years, I used my spare time to work as a delivery driver for Amazon Flex and Uber Eat. Earnings from such side jobs helped to fund my daily living and business expenses. These days, despite that I am making a good earning from real estate, I am also investing in cryptocurrency.”

In a recent post via his Instagram handle, Femi Aguda enumerated what youths can do to get themselves on the path of empowerment.

“8 Things You Can Do To Empower Yourself. Most of the things in the recipe for success are self-help routines which include having your goals written down, working on your dreams, starting small, reading books, solving problems and having a mentor. And above all, believing in God and His Blessings. You must do the right things that trigger the blessing of God in your life and career”, Aguda Olufemi Michael wrote on the Instagram handle.

Femi Aguda does not hide his love for fast cars. And according to him, he takes a long drive with loud music as one of the ways to relax.

“One of the ways I relax is by taking a long drive with music playing. I hope to be a car collector someday,” he disclosed.