By Ada Osadebe

Activist Aisha Yesufu has berated married women who are in the habit of attacking their husband’s side chicks and sharing videos from the attack online.

She said this in response to the viral video of Bunmi Alade-Adekunle, wife of celebrity designer, Seyi Vodi attacking her alleged husband’s side chick, Moesha.

In the video, Bunmi was heard telling Moesha that she had been warning her to stay away from her husband before stripping her naked.

In a Twitter thread, Aisha stated that she hopes that a side-chick will one day use one of such married women as a scapegoat to teach others a lesson.

Her tweets read: “The nonsense of married women going about harassing those they call side chicks need to be dealt with. What nonsense is this? You go beat up a lady and video her naked? Then post it online? What manner of rubbish is all that? Why not face your good-for-nothing husband?”

“If your husband has any respect for you he would respect the vows you took. If he decides to go chasing after other women then what is the business of the women with you? Na as dem chase you dem dey chase dem.

“And you side chick, why sit down & take nonsense from woman like you?”

She continued, “Your good-for-nothing husband is not a toy that can be snatched away. He is an irresponsible fellow that has no regard for the vows you took. So stop laying hands on those you have no business with.

“I hope a side chick use one of you to teach the rest of you lessons.”

“You must be the lowest of lows to film a woman naked and share it with the public. You are as despicable and disgusting as your cheating husband if not worse!”


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