October 31, 2022

‘Absurdly insensitive’: Uche Maduagwu slams Burna Boy, Wizkid over spat

‘Absurdly insensitive’: Uche Maduagwu slams Burna Boy, Wizkid over spat
By Efosa Taiwo

Nollywood actor Uche Maduagwu has criticized the recent boastful remarks of Wizkid and Burna Boy over the wealthiest Nigerian artiste.

Music star, Wizkid had heated the online space when he made a Snapchat post claiming to be Nigeria’s wealthiest artiste.

The Star Boy crooner also claimed to be ‘everybody’s daddy’ referring to other artists as niggas while promising to offer them free tutelage on how they could make ingenious business decisions with guaranteed less work yet deliver everything deserving to them.

Grammy-award winning Burna Boy who has always boasted of such, took to his insta story in what has been termed a response to Wizkid’s boastful remarks, insisting he would discuss anything regarding money only with those that have made at least $100m this year.

Earlier, Burna Boy had slighted Davido, referring to himself as Davido’s uncle in the music industry.

In his reaction, Davido claimed Burna Boy signed a slave deal with his record label to ‘chase numbers and be bigger than Wizkid and him.’

Maduagwu has, however, described the spat between the trio as absurdly insensitive.

He said that their boast of wealth was uncalled for when in reality they have not done anything to impact the society with it.

Maduagwu, however, lauded Davido for his charitable acts compared to the others who do not remember the society that made them successful despite having come from humble backgrounds.

He wrote, “It’s absurdly Insensitive for Celebs to BOAST of Wealth or compete for the Richest Title when the society that made them has benefited Little or nothing from their Wealth, true riches Is measured by how many lives you have touched positively, Not how much you advertise on social media.

“How come David Wey come from rich family gave 250 Million Naira to Charity, yet you Na Wey suppose give More knowing where God lift you Na from, are the ones making Noise?”

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