… says Nigeria has gone through deliberate sabotage by beneficiaries

By Fortune Eromosele, ABUJA

As the 2023 general elections gather momentum, the Presidential candidate of the Social Democratic Party, SDP, Prince Adewole Adebayo, has said he plans to fix Nigeria from the major challenges bedevilling the nation.

Addressing newsmen at the Nigeria Defence Academy Abuja, Adebayo said to fix Nigeria, the government and Nigerians must avoid damaging it further.

He said, “To fix anything, you have to avoid damaging it further, which means that you have to be a subject matter expert in what you are fixing. You have to know what went wrong. If we go with the same attitude from the previous elections, we will get at best the same result and most likely the worst result.

“The problem of Nigeria is the basic lack of truth. We don’t like the truth, of course, we like some truth if it is the truth against somebody but if it’s the truth against us, we don’t like it. We also want to do justice but we don’t want justice that costs us anything. Everything is wrong with the other person, but nothing is ever wrong with us.

“Let me end this by saying that if we want to fix Nigeria, we must make up our mind. I have seen people who want to fix themselves into positions. I have seen people who want to fix Nigeria but they don’t want to acknowledge that they are the cause of the problems, they believe they are innocent. Everybody is part of the problem one way or the other.

“For me I want to fix the country and these are the tools that I have, these are my spanners. My spanner is the truth and the truth does not exclude things that don’t favour me.”

He lamented that over the years, Nigeria has gone through deliberate sabotage by beneficiaries, saying that running and fixing Nigeria isn’t a difficult situation.

According to him, “Our country is not a difficult country to live in and run, what the country has gone through is deliberate sabotage by the beneficiaries. In a situation where you are asking questions about fixing a country, by law and the constitution only Nigerians can fix Nigeria.

“So you see that the people who damaged Nigeria are the ones who still want to fix Nigeria. The first thing we need to do is fix ourselves. What I will say to Nigerians is what I say to my mechanic, do you understand what’s wrong with this car? We need to start from there.”


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