Now that it is obvious that political consciousness among Nigerian youths has risen to an all-time high and youths are now demanding good government and inclusiveness in governance, what is Next for Nigerian leaders and the elite?

It is also glaring that some of the major issues facing us now is insecurity and poverty, therefore, Nigerians must collectively take the lead and put more effort in combating the security threat, however beyond the loss of life and human suffering, the violence and instability that threatens Nigeria’s economic growth prospects, Nigeria has made an effort to diversify its economy from oil and invest in agriculture, manufacturing, and services, this a good direction to go with.

But notwithstanding, the effort to tackle these problems is even more urgent now in the face of global issues such as climate change ,large scale conflict and wars ,religious conflicts, poverty, government accountability, transparency, corruption,safety, security, and well being, the international community are watching what becomes of the most populous black nation on earth during and after the coming election in 2023.

Haven said this, the culture of corruption is entrenched in Nigeria and it is the biggest problem we have, therefore taking it on should be a top priority for Nigeria to succeed. The present administration has also shown that it can act and an example is reforming the system to provide farmers with agricultural input, kudos, but the only problem would be a political WILL to continue to do this , which most of our leaders and governments lack, we need such good deed to be replicated to solve other problems facing Nigeria especially corruption.

According to USDA , Nigeria is the largest producer of rice in Africa.
The United States Department of Agriculture gave the 2020 -2021 rice production of Nigeria as 4.89 million metric tonnes while Egypt comes second at 4 million. This was also contained in the November 2021 circular on world agricultural production, with this record it shows that Nigeria can be great again but we need leaders who have the POLITICAL WILL and political economic sense who will focus on the interrelationships among individuals, governments, and public policy.

Therefore, now that the election is very close , we need a leader who has a track record which can be replicated , someone who can direct the distribution of a finite amount of resources in a way that is beneficial to our entire nation and not for a region or specific individuals.

Someone who will unite the people irrespective of tribe or religious differences,a leader who will transform the educational system, fight insecurity and corruption without sentiments and redistribute the wealth from top to bottom to bring about some percentage of equality between the rich and poor.

The choice is left to the poor Nigerians to make!

Who would this be?

Ademola Adetunji (GMD Mo group)

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