September 9, 2022

TTP refutes alleged failure of Ètò traffic management App

PORTS DECONGESTION: Apapa Port still overloaded

By Godwin Oritse

THE management of the Trucks Transit Parks Ltd, TTP,  has refuted the alleged failure of the electronic call-up system otherwise known as ‘ETO’,  saying that there was no priority lane dedicated to any truck.

In a statement signed by the Managing Director, TTP, Mr. Jama Onwubuariri, the company said that contrary to a media report no ‘priority lane’  was introduced by TTP to either give any category of transporters privileges over others or extort transporters.

Part of the statement said: “In the Publication, a certain Comrade Yinka Aroyewun, President of the Council of Maritime Transport Union Association (COMTUA) was quoted as alleging that the electronic call-up system deployed for  traffic management for Apapa and Tincan ports,  ‘Eto,  had failed. “Comrade  Aroyewun suggested that as a result of the supposed failure of the ‘Eto’ system, ‘a priority lane’ had been introduced at Creek Road, Apapa axis by the operators of the Ètò system (TTP) to extort transporters operating along the port corridors.

“TTP refutes, in its entirety, the false claim that the  Ètò  system has failed. Contrary to the claim in the Publication, no ‘priority lane’ was introduced by the TTP to either give any category of transporters privileges over others or extort transporters. Rather, for improved truck traffic management,  the standard operating procedure for the operation of the electronic call-up system agreed upon between TTP and the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) was revised to allow for route mapping for different categories of trucks. “Hence, the Apapa Creek Road inward the port was earmarked and reserved for trucks carrying only empty and export containers. Booking, scheduling and access in and out of the ports, however, remained unchanged under the Standard Operating Procedures.

“TTP had recently received reports that some unscrupulous elements (with no links whatsoever to TTP or the NPA) are extorting money from lawless truckers who attempt to circumvent the system in a bid to facilitate their entry into the ports, rather than wait their turn in a queue. These reports have been promptly forwarded to the relevant law enforcement agencies for investigation and necessary action. TTP continues to work with various state and federal government agencies to curb the challenges of extortion along the Tin-Can and Apapa ports corridors.

“At this juncture, it is imperative to highlight that since the deployment of the ‘Eto’  system  for traffic management in and out of the Apapa and Tin-Can ports,  Ètò  has drastically minimized traffic gridlock at the Apapa and Tin-Can ports axis leading to an improvement in cargo evacuation from the port. It has equally brought about a massive reduction in the cost of moving cargo by 65% and cost savings for businesses.  Ètò  has also successfully introduced automated truck booking, truck batching and security-enabled booking tickets without which port-bound trucks cannot access the ports. 

The significant impact and successes of the  Ètò  system have not only been acknowledged by transporters, general road users and residents of the Apapa and Tin-Can area of Lagos State, but have also been well acknowledged by the Lagos State Government.”