September 9, 2022

Travels, tours, hospitality industry drives entertainment – Jamiu Abiodun Ojediran

Travels, tours, hospitality industry drives entertainment – Jamiu Abiodun Ojediran

In recent years, many Nigerians in disapora have been inspired to utilise human and material resources within their reach to establish businesses across various industries in Nigeria which have empowered people and brought about improvement on the economy in terms of exploiting available opportunities to build the gross domestic product of the economy.

Among such is Mr. Jamiu Abiodun Ojediran, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Climax Travel and Tours and Climax Entertainment and Events that has been adding immense values to the growth of the Nigerian Travels, Tours and Hospitality Industry, as well as the Entertainment Industry.

With his individual competence, academic acquisitions, and as a professional armed with a degree in travels, tourism and hospitality and his practical business experience gathered in the process of running both organisation he established, he has demonstrated his competence as someone who understands his onions and has what it takes, thereby both organisations he led has demonstrated excellence across the years.

Climax Travel and Tours has grown to be a notable organisation in the areas of various visa application categories to various countries including study abroad visa and temporary work permit for which the company is highly respected. In his view, the MD/CEO of the organisation made it known that to sustain organisational success in Study Abroad and other visa categories, honesty, integrity and understanding what the business entails are very important.

Speaking on this, he stated that, “I focused on specific international travel programmes and assisted clients, then I started travelling abroad, precisely to the United Kingdom, after which I took the necessary step to proceed for further education by acquiring a degree in International Tourism and Hospitality Management from the University of Sunderland in UK”.

With about one and a half decade of existence, Climax Travel and Tours which was conceived as a passion transformed into a legitimate business entity operating within the ambits of the law and professionalism, to create employment and solutions for clients on visa application, consultations, air-ticketing and hotel reservations and study abroad programmes. Their services also cover other visa application categories such as visits, family visits, settlement, temporary work permits and others.

Having worked with various top artistes and celebrities, and with the combined efforts and synergy among the two organisations that he sits atop, Mr Jamiu Abiodun Ojediran has successfully initiated and partnered with others to host music and entertainment events in United Kingdom, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and Turkey. He explained, “come to think of it, the same set of artistes, celebrities and public figures we served in Climax Travels and Tours make up a sizeable number of those patronising Climax Entertainment and Events, if we had not built effective customer relations with them in the travels and tourism sector, will they be patronising us in the entertainment and events sector?”

Mr Jamiu Abiodun Ojediran strongly believes that the Nigerian Travels, Tours and Hospitality Industry as well as the Entertainment Industry can greatly add to the country’s foreign exchange and GDP just like the British Royal family which generates about 500 million British pounds for UK tourism each year through tourist visits to Buckingham palace, Windsor Castle, Tower of London and other monarchy heritage attractions.

“Nigeria has the likes of Osun Osogbo, the Kano Durbar, Ofala, the Argungun Fishing festival and many other fascinating events and tourism sites that can attract visitors and patronage from various part of the world. So if the travels, tourism and hospitality industry is well organised with government’s strong backing you can imagine how much we stand to make”, he stated.

Having travelled across different continents including Africa, Europe, North America and Middle East, Mr Jamiu Abiodun Ojediran has been able to successfully transform his international travels experience and exposure into building both Climax Travel and Tours with Climax Entertainment and Events into enviable brands.