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Ruben Flores-Martinez is the founder of Cashdrop, a mobile app that helps entrepreneurs create an online store in just 15 minutes. All you have to do is install the app on your phone and follow the instructions. Ruben was motivated to create Cashdrop after seeing the difficulty many small businesses face in getting started online. With Cashdrop, users can create a professional-looking store quickly and easily without the need for expensive website design or hosting fees.

In addition, it offers a range of features that allows users to customize their store to suit their unique business needs. Ruben is passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed, and he believes that Cashdrop will play a pivotal role in leveling the playing field for small businesses. But behind the success of this app, there is a motivational story that Ruben wants everyone to know.

Ruben’s biggest inspiration

His father’s story has always inspired Ruben. His father grew up in a poor neighborhood in Mexico and never had the opportunity to go to college. He wanted to study chemical engineering but couldn’t because he had to make ends meet from an early age. He strived hard to get an advanced degree in chemical engineering but failed. However, that didn’t stop him from being street smart. Despite the odds, he was able to build a successful career and provide for his family.

His father was a man of many talents. Not only was he book-smart, but he was also incredibly talented at making handicrafts. Since he didn’t have a specialized degree, he took up any job that would come his way. Sometimes he would teach students in his neighborhood, while another time, he would work as a screen printer. He was always eager to learn new skills, and his resourcefulness meant he often could find creative solutions to problems. Ruben’s father was a hard worker and an excellent role model, instilling in his son the importance of hard work and determination. This admiration for his father’s work ethic that inspired him to pursue his dreams.

Lesson for life

According to Ruben, his father was always a big believer in never giving up, no matter the obstacles. He frequently encouraged Ruben to follow his dreams and never once doubted that Ruben would achieve them. This positive attitude and strong belief in Ruben’s abilities made him self-confident. As a result, Ruben has always been driven to succeed, no matter his challenges. This valuable lesson from his father has stayed with Ruben throughout his life and helped him achieve many great things, like starting his own business at a young age.

What are Ruben’s plans for the future? He wants to keep helping entrepreneurs so that they can achieve their dreams. Ruben feels that his app, Cashdrop is a resource that business owners should use to the fullest if they want to see their businesses flourish. He regularly provides ideas on how to run a business on Twitter and motivates people to live their dreams.

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