September 21, 2022

Obasanjo gives tips on how aged people can live longer

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Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has shared insight on how the aged people can live a longer life. 

The 84-year-old former president urged aged Nigerians to embrace living in a communal society and shun a life of isolation.

Obasanjo made this assertion on Wednesday when he received the senior citizens under the aegis of Toyin Anini Varieties Centres of University College Hospital, Ibadan at the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library in Abeokuta.

The former president revealed that communal society is one of the secrets that keep him fit and makes him have a befitting older age.

He reiterated that communal society has been one of the things that would help the aged people to live long and shape their social life.

Obasanjo advised aged people to adopt the habit of a balanced diet, have a good rest with regular exercise, continuous medical checks and social interaction.

He said, “We haven’t been taking proper care of our aged and there are reasons for that, our culture and tradition is that we should be with our children and take care of our grandchildren but where are our children today, they have all traveled abroad.

“When things changed we have to change with it, once our age is getting older they should have Social Clubs that they can relate with.

“There are five important things to have a good life as an aged person, which the acronym is (DREMS) Diet, Rest, Exercise, medical checkups, and Social Interaction.”