By Olasunkanmi Akoni

The Rotary Club of Omole Golden, Lagos, recently, held its investiture and fundraising ceremony of Rotarian Ganiu Lawal as the 19th President, held in Lagos, with Arts exhibition, titled “the Art of Giving.”

Ololade Adewusi is the Painter, Serial Entrepreneur and the Chief Executive Officer, of Ololade African Arts Limited, a reputable brand of talented professionals offering creative and pleasing works of art, sculpture and photography.

Ololade was born on the March 6,1991. She studied Engineering Physics at Obafemi Awolowo University and earned her MBA at the University of Ibadan School of Business. She presented various of her artworks at an exhibition. In this brief interview with Olasunkanmi Akoni she speaks on Arts as way of giving to life. Excepts.

The Art of Giving, what’s it all about

The Art of Giving is the theme of my Art Exhibition that was done on the 6th of August 2022 during the fund raising event of Rotary Club as illustration for the heart of giving in real term through my art works. .

Can you explain some of d artworks is all about

The exhibition featured most of my recent works, of particular interest in the Artwork that showed the greatest giver aside God, which is a mother.

In the painting, a mother is seen giving all she has to a child, from Brest milk, to emotional support to financial support to all the support she can possibly be.

A mother is unbiased when it comes to giving, she gives without asking anything in return.

Rotary club members too are an epitome of a mother, they give to the society without asking anything in return.

They give off their hard-earned resources to help women, Children and less privileged, hence the title of the exhibition as “Art of Giving.”

How did you get into art. What informed your interest.

Though, I have participated in quite a few exhibitions. I started Art at a very early age of 5 during my summer holiday some 6m six hours away from home.

Lonely at the time I found solace in creating tiny art pieces from the heaps of clay i found in my environment, I did my first exhibition at that age by displaying my works of art in front of my uncle’s house, I sold every piece of sculpture I made.

Have used arts in any way to influence and address some of the societal ills before.

Coming from an African family, I was encouraged to study either medicine or engineering, many years after then I started my company, aside from making and collecting artworks, I advocates for kids to study what interests them especially if its art.

I have used art to fight and speak against a lot of societal menaces like: cultism, plastic pollution and breast cancer.

How young ones can make a good career out of arts and help to develop not only their individual self but also the country at large through creative world.

Since 2018 I have visited over 100 schools in Oyo State, I have positively influenced over 100,000 students, empowered 100 and given them scholarships among others and still counting.

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