September 16, 2022

Integrating Homeopathy into the Nigeria Health System: What Queen Elizabeth II did for Homeopathy in England 

Queen Elizabeth

By Dr Frank  Okeke

Homeopathic medicine may be new to some people especially the younger generations but it is a medical system that has been in existence for over two hundred years now. It is wholly natural and almost a mathematically scientific medical system. Founded by a German doctor, by name, Samuel Christian Hahnemann in 1796, the system operates through the universal principle of similars, stated thus: similia similibus currentur which means ‘let likes be treated by likes’ or ‘like cures like’. Just as the like poles of magnets repel when placed close to each other, when two similar diseases (situations) meet in any system, the diseasescannot exist separately but must merge. The disease with a higher or deeper impact naturally annihilates the weaker similar disease and takes over the system. If this more impactful disease emanates from (is caused by) a given homeopathic remedy, the natural disease is displaced i.e.annihilated. The artificial disease condition caused by the homeopathic remedy fades off as soon as the remedy action expires. The patient gets well and is restored to full health. Since over five thousand years, the Chinese are known to give dry scabs obtained from smallpox pustules as a prophylactic to the uninfected and this protected themfrom smallpox infection. Similarly Jenner’s cowpox protected its receivers from smallpox. Conventional vaccinations and inoculations are mostly based on isopathy which is explainable along the same line.  This is the reason for the first aphorism of the homeopathic organon which states, “the physician’s high and only mission is to restore the sick to health, to cure, as it is termed”.

Recently there were sighted over the Buckingham palace, the official residence of the British Monarch, a double rainbow. Prior to this, a rainbow was also seen briefly over the Windsor Castle just as the Union Jack flag was being lowered. These incidents occurred at the passing away of the longest serving British monarch, the Queen Elizabeth II on the 8th September 2022, having reigned for seventy years. Homeopaths world-over will remember her Majesty for standing strong on the side of truth inmedical practice despite stormy attempts to demonizehomeopathic medicine. We extend our unreserved condolences to the British Royal Family over her demise.Queen Elizabeth II employed homeopathic medicine all her life. She was an ardent supporter of homeopathy. It is known that the Queen always travelled with a 60-remedy, leather-cased homeopathy kit.

Ever since Queen Adelaide (1792-1849) wife of King William IV, publicly expressed interest in the ‘new system of medicine’ in 1835, the British Royal Family has been deeply appreciative and greatly supportive of homeopathic medicine. Queen Adelaide had been suffering from a serious ailment which defied the best efforts of the court physicians. Dr John Ernst Stapf (1788-1860), one of Samuel Hahnemann’s oldest and faithful colleagues was consulted. With his treatment the Queen was cured giving rise to the beginning of unflinching support for homeopathy by the British Royal family.Various kings and queens of Great Britain have since openly sought the medical services of homeopathic physicians. 

Among the British aristocrats who had taken particularinterest in homeopathy was the Marquess of Angelesey who crossed the British Channel to go to Paris for treatment by the founder of homeopathy, Dr Samuel Hahnemann. She was immensely instrumental to the early publicity and popularity of homeopathy especially among the upper classes in England. This was attained by her permission to her British homeopath, Dr Harris Dunsford (1808-1847) to dedicate to her a book he wrote on homeopathy (Dunsford, 1842). This dedication greatlypublicized her interest in and support for homeopathy all-over the kingdom and beyond.  

Princess Mary, who later became Queen Mary (1855-1953) wife of King George V headed the fundraising efforts to move and expand the London Homeopathic Hospital. This was an act of appreciation to homeopathy by King George V as a consequence of the treatment of the seasickness which he had suffered from.

King Edward VII (1841-1910) continued with the Royal tradition of employing homeopathic medicine for boththemselves and their animals. He had a close eating and drinking partner, Dr Frederick Hervey Forster Quin (1799-1878) who was the first British physician to become a homeopath. King Edward’s daughter, Maud (1869-1938) married King Haakon VII of Norway and both employed the medical services of the homeopath, Dr John Weir, MD. Sir John Weir was the homeopathic doctor to six monarchs.

King Edward VIII (1894-1972) known as Prince Edward, Duke of Windsor, after his abdication in 1936 was said to carry his homeopathic medicines in powder doses in his pocket. His brother, King George VI (1895-1952) also had special liking for homeopathy. He named one of his prize racehorses Hypericum, after a homeopathic medicine used for nerve injuries. Known to be a skilled user of homeopathy himself, he formally granted the use of the royal title to the London homeopathic hospital, now called the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital. Until her death, the Queen Mother (1900-2002) was the Principal Royal Patron of the British Homeopathic Association. She lived to the age of 101, the second longest living British Royal, the first being Princess Alice (1901-2004) daughter-in-law of Queen Mary and King George V. Both were lifelong, passionate influencers of homeopathy.

For a decade and half, the physician to her Majesty, late Queen Elizabeth II was the homeopathic physician, Dr Peter Fisher. Dr Peter Fisher was the Director of Research at the Royal London Homeopathic hospital for Integrated Medicine, Europe’s largest center for integrative medicine. Until her recent death, Queen Elizabeth II was the patron of the Royal Homeopathic Hospital, London while in 2019 Prince Charles now King Charles became the patron of the Faculty of Homeopathy, the professional organization of medical homeopaths in the UK. In summary all the Royal families in Europe are not only intimately related, they depend heavily on homeopathy for their healthcare. More will said in this regard.

In concluding it should not be a surprise to anyone that the British Royal family boasts some of the best educated persons of any clime and also have access to the best medical services in the world. However in their unhindered family wisdom, intelligence and perception, they have chosen to advance homeopathy as a key component of an integrative approach to wellness and longevity. Without gainsaying, it will be worth the effortif Nigeria can take a cue from the British Royal family in order to improve on the Nation’s health indices