Oludayo Sokunbi, is an IT specialist, Entrepreneur and a seasoned business consultant, passionate about antennas and microwave structures used in wireless systems.

He is particularly interested in metamaterials decoupling structures for millimeter wave/5G antennas, high gain, and reconfigurable antennas.

Sokunbi who is also the CEO of Japaconsults, presently work with Prof. Ahmed Kishk at Concordia University, Canada where they are currently exploring the capacities and possibilities inherent in 5G Antenna Technology for millimeter-wave Applications.

As a recipient of MSc and Ph.D. Scholarships, the tech guru felt indebted to humanity and hence resolve to share fully funded scholarships on social media, with over 140 persons already benefited this year.

Tell us about your portfolio?

My name is Oludayo Sokunbi popular known as Deewon.

I graduated with a First Class in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at LAUTECH, Ogbomoso, Nigeria.

After that, I worked as an IT analyst for GlaxoSmithKline and Aviat Networks, two large multinational corporations.

I later received a fully funded MSc scholarship at the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals in Saudi Arabia, after more than 20 unsuccessful trials.

I received a second fully funded PhD scholarship at Concordia University in Montréal, Canada and I’m still working on it today along with many other things.

Tell us about the birth of Japaconsults?

When I started, I really didn’t have the business in mind at all. I was just angry that a lot of fake agents take money from people and don’t do good things for them, like get them into good schools or give them scholarships.

So, I decided to start telling people about free opportunities on Twitter. I soon found out that I had a lot of followers, and people were happy to see how I made the admissions and scholarship process as clear as possible.

If you go to my Twitter page right now and look at the tweets I have pinned, you can get free MSC or PhD scholarships abroad yourself. I found that I do this easily, and it made me so happy to see other people succeed. So I continued.

After some time, I also learned that there are people who can pay for this service and people who don’t have time to read my tweets. So, I started the business and let everyone know that scholarships could be gotten without paying anyone. But if you also want to use our service, you can.

I did this because I know that many people can’t pay for this service, and I wanted them to be able to read and do it themselves.

In fact, most of our success stories are from people who did things on their own after reading my tweets.

About five times a day, I share information on Twitter.

What is key for your business?

My top goal for Japaconsults as a company is to introduce as many people as possible to exciting new opportunities all over the world so that they can lead happier, more successful lives.

In the course of my travels, I have learned that many people, particularly Africans, are unaware of the international admissions processes, scholarship opportunities, and employment opportunities available in other countries. Due to the fact that I have been awarded scholarships to pursue a Master of Science and a Doctor of Philosophy degree, I have a sense of obligation to the human race.

For this reason, I have made the decision to share information about fully funded scholarships on all of the social media platforms I use, most notably Twitter. More than one hundred and forty people have received fully funded admissions, scholarships, jobs, and visas for this year 2022 as a direct result of reading and using the information contained in my tweets and posts. While some of them make use of the paid services that we provide at www.japaconsults.com, the vast majority of them handle it on their own.

What has been your major challenge?

Some of our clients believe we are “magicians” because of our success stories. They soon realise how much work is involved when we start their job.

At Japaconsults, we get our clients involved in the process so that they can understand how we apply for admission, scholarships, and write application essays.

We also made it clear in the agreement that we don’t usually guarantee anyone’s success because we are not the admissions/scholarship committee.

We only know how to put in the best application, but we absolutely have no power over who gets admission or scholarship.

This usually confuses some clients. But they later understand the process.

Transparency has been our hallmark, and it has given us a lot of referrals.

What plans do you have on ground to make Japaconsult a global brand?

Our brand is currently registered in Nigeria and Canada, where the majority of our clients are located. Despite how busy I am with my PhD, I still manage to work closely with many people, and at Japaconsults, we are constantly exploring new concepts. The goal is to establish a well-known global brand that will link the brightest minds in Africa to job opportunities and fully-funded MSc/PhD scholarships abroad.

Due to harsh economic realities, we also learned that many people lack the funds necessary to even begin the application for a scholarship or job. We are thinking about paying for young Africans with talent to take tests and pay for their international passports.

Advice for the Youths

Youths should remain focused and look at international opportunities.

Even if you still want to come back home, you will be more respected if you have foreign experience (degrees or work experience).

Be outstanding!

Expectations for 2023.

To connect more youths to International opportunities.

Our goal this year is 200 success stories and we have recorded more than 140 already.

Next year, we are moving to 400 success stories.

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