September 28, 2022

Deliiv: New App for smart, seamless delivery launches in Ibadan

Deliiv: New App for smart, seamless delivery launches in Ibadan

Expanse Continental, an Ibadan-based digital agency focused on helping entrepreneurs address prevailing challenges using digital and data-driven solutions, has recently launched a new app that promises to revolutionize delivery services in Nigeria.

The new app called Deliiv will enable riders, customers, and logistics agencies to do delivery in a smart, safe and easy way. It uses decentralized systems that securely connect users with riders. With Deliiv, both customers and riders own a delivery wallet, ensuring all payment forms are fast and secure.

“Delivery service is one of the essential components of businesses in this post-covid era, with both opportunities and challenges,” says Yakubu Sheriff, Executive Director of Expanse Continental. “Deliiv was built to address these issues. We believe individuals and businesses face different daily challenges, but orders and delivery should not be part.”

“This is the future of delivery. With Deliiv, users can know when orders have been picked up and when they will get delivered. Our biggest delight is to see individuals, stores, restaurants, riders, and logistics agencies do business from anywhere at any time in a fast, easy, and secured way using the Deliiv app”

Customers can select from a pool of riders in their area, pay quickly, and manage their accounts and transactions.

The Deliiv app offers :

  • affordable delivery services
  • ability to track your order while in transit
  • access to delivery riders anywhere at any time.
  • wallet payment method
  • delivery transactions records
    -24/7 support system

Riders can easily manage their wallets and transactions and get multiple orders without stress. All riders and logistics agencies on the Deliiv app will undergo some training and verification before they can be registered.

Both the user and rider apps are available on the Apple store (for iOS users) and Play store (for Android).