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With so many costs and bureaucracies involved, it can be rough to get your game out there. Well, this of course unless you’re developing your game on Roblox.

Roblox is a platform that allows creators to release their game on computer, phone, tablet and console with the simple click of a button, one of the many unique aspects that make the platform stand out from more traditional platforms such as Unity and Unreal Engine. Cadlem, a successful top 50 Roblox game creator, believes this is what makes it one, if not the best platform to develop games on “because it allows you to just focus on the fun part of things without having to worry about things such as if you’re gonna have money to afford servers, domains”.

Earlier last month, Cadlem set live his newest game creation, Training Simulator, which quickly gained attention and rose to the top of the popular charts over the course of 30 days, reaching an astonishing 35 million total visits within the month. He claims these are numbers that would’ve never been possible if he was developing on another platform, due to the complexity of getting “your name out there” and raising awareness.

Cadlem has always had a passion for games. He started producing and designing early and had an undying enthusiasm for it. He mentioned that a few years prior, when attempting to develop his first game “Koalas Land” (a concept similar to the now resting Club Penguin but with koalas), he found himself stuck with moving forward “because there was no such thing as Roblox, not the way it is today at least. I was in a position where I couldn’t afford to get the game online, and so I cancelled the project”.

Now, having access to a platform where “game creation is so intuitive and simple”, Cadlem states that everyone can easily get into game development and even make a living from it. It is estimated that in 2021, Roblox paid game creators around $500 million dollars, generated by selling products within their games.

When talking about expectations for the future, Cadlem mentioned that he wants to leave his footprint across the different genres of the website: “I want to have a presence in every genre. From tycoons, to simulators, to horror games.. you name it. I hope to one day be able to try a bit of everything and manage to find success doing so, that’d be epic”.

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