September 30, 2022

4m march sets to hold in Lagos on Independence Day for Obi/Datti

4m march sets to hold in Lagos on Independence Day for Obi/Datti

By Esther Onyegbula & Johnson Matthew

Take Back Naija, a coalition of support groups has announced that it will go ahead with its planned Obi-Datti march in Lagos State on Saturday, October 1.

Speaking at a press conference, the Co-ordinator of the group, Mr Martins Udegbunam said the Federal High Court in the state, didn’t stop the March, as they got permission to go ahead and conduct the march, they were only instructed not to converge at the Tollgate but they can pass through the gate.

Udegbunam said residents of the state would be joining the march to push for the Obi-Datti movement on Independence Day.

“So, the rally is going to go on and it is my utmost joy to invite everybody to join us on this march that will be happening in three locations across Lagos. It is happening in Festac, Federal Housing Authority(FHA), Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1 and Arch Bishop Vin Church, Ikeja. Our march is legal and constitutional, it is within the electoral time frame and calendar released by INEC and all security agencies have been duly and formally informed using the appropriate means. The police, NSCDC, Road safety, and DSS, will be on ground to provide security as we march.”

He encouraged Nigerians on the importance to take a step forward, considering the cost of food items and other developmental issues, such as bandit attacks, the alarming rate of kidnapping, upheavals and killings experienced.

“We have found a leader in Obi/Datti to serve this nation. It is Nigeria’s turn for leadership, nobody owns the nation, and the masses must be heard. No party has given us money, all that we are doing are with our efforts, individual contributions, showing you that we are the one that is contesting this election”.

The Deputy Coordinator, Anthony Abakporo, said they have strategically set up committed foot soldiers across every nook and cranny of the state that is working to ensure the dream to Take Back Naija is fulfilled.

“We have men and women who are capable of delivering the mandate.

Moreso, the Secretary of the group, Obinna Madu, urged Nigerians to join, explaining the need for them as responsible members of society and supporters of the ObIdient Movement and Labour Party.

Madu said they should you remain steadfast and resolute in your support for Peter Obi and the new Nigeria project as he remains the only candidate with clear programmes and implementation templates to take Nigeria out of this quagmire.”

One of the executives, Stanley Cyprian, made a quote from Nelson Mandela, “Africa can never be great until Nigeria becomes great. Nigeria’s state has denied the African continent its greatness”.