September 3, 2022

2023: Peter Obi leading political revolution – LP Nat’l Woman leader

2023: Peter Obi leading political revolution – LP Nat’l Woman leader

By Nnamdi Ojiego

The National Woman Leader of the Labour Party, LP, Mrs. Dudu Manuga, has said that the ongoing political revolution and massive movements by young Nigerians have gone beyond individuals and political parties.

Manuga spoke at a Meet and Greet interactive session with some leaders of women groups in Lagos, on Friday.

According to her, the movements ignited by the LP and its presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, have shown that Nigerians were tired of bad leadership, corruption, worsening insecurity and economic stagnation.

She said: “If you look at what’s going on now in the country, it’s no longer about politics, it’s a revolution, a massive movement. It shows that Nigerians have reached that point of saying we are tired, we have had enough of things the way they are and we want a change. A lot of things are not going right with the country and it seems that nobody that should care is caring especially those in leadership.

“People are tired of what has been, and where the political leaders have brought us to. So Peter Obi has come to give them a glimpse of that change that they want to see, he’s the one giving Nigerians hope.

“So what’s going on in Nigeria and even in the diaspora is not about Labour Party. It is beyond Peter Obi. It’s just that the time has come and Nigerians are saying this is our time for change and LP and Obi happen to be the ones that are giving them the hope. So, it’s about a new Nigeria that everybody wants.”

The Gombe State-born education and humanitarian expert explained that the event was organised to bring together, women with the interest of the LP, Lagos and Nigeria at heart, to meet, greet and familiarize and to encourage them to do more by reaching out to other women ahead of the 2023 elections.

“Women play a critical role when it comes to elections in Nigeria, from the grassroots to the national level. We know that women when they are determined, and committed, they can stand and remain dogged and can protect what belongs to them.

“So, we have come to encourage ourselves, to remind ourselves that 2023 elections are about our tomorrow and that of children and grandchildren. It’s about a new Nigeria, it’s about that Nigeria we thought we have lost, but we are seeing a glimpse of hope and we want to stretch our hands as women and take hold of it and ensure we bring it back for our children, our grandchildren and generations to come”, the woman stated.