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By  victor ecoma

Politics and treacherous intrigues are no strange bedfellows; they are rather, Siamese twin which no neurosurgeon can successfully separate.

Politics is like Mathematics; nothing is cast in stone, except, maybe, personal interests which can be swayed in opposite directions when the need arises. As in Mathematics, as in Politics, formulae change and interests realign.

Thus, it is quite easy to see two people who would not break bread today but gleefully share a plate tomorrow, especially in a clime burdened by political immaturity owing to the relegation or total lack of political idealism – or even the existence of mediocre idealism.

It is almost cliché, that in politics, interests are more enduring than friendships. Political greenhorns know this, how much more those who have climbed the enviable pedestal of the veterans – or seemingly so.

The happenings at the National Convention of the Peoples Democratic Party did not fall short of all that is characteristic of politics. As a matter of fact, Governor Wike was outmaneuvered; causing him to leave the arena, which he hitherto graced which gleeful gratification, with a battered ego. One could conclude that a person in the position of Governor Wike would take all that in good faith. Of course, he did; he himself having been a purveyor of the pill he was served at the National Convention in the recent past. 

He took it in good faith, I suppose, until he was cast aside clearly against the majority recommendation of the committee set up to decide who should stand beside Atiku Abubakar with the Umbrella during the campaigns. At this point, the salt was incongruous for the injury!

In my very humble view, Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State is remarkable for one thing – his stoicism. One other enduring attribute of his, which stands out, is the fact that he is a faithful enemy – and possibly, a faithful friend.

Indeed, in that regard, he is an admirable man; for a man’s stance on any issue, at any time, should not be a subject of conjecture. What Wike seems to be telling everyone now is: “I wish you well in your endeavour, as long as your interests don’t conflict with mine.” Without doubt, the political worth of Governor Wike is not a subject matter of debate. This fact is concretized by how he has recently been courted by numerous political players.

But, in view of Governor Wike’s grandstanding and consistent clutching to the unfavourable outcomes of the National Convention and events that followed, as the fabled father-in-law of the tortoise, would that continues? I think not.

Nigerians, generally, are watching; especially the young ones who seem to have caught an unprecedented bug of political consciousness. Others who apparently have taken a keen but unaltrustic interest in Governor Wike’s pains are the incompetent horde that pilots the affairs of the APC and thus, the current regime, with the sole intent of making PDP’s lose their gain. No doubt, Governor Wike’s recent foibles has lit the thatch roof of the PDP in this dry season – his antics spells doom for the PDP and would most likely derail their train on the road to Aso Rock in 2023.

Governor Wike’s failure to effectively harness his righteous rage could spell doom for a Nigeria that is arguably on the brink of collapse – and that will be bad for him and his political history.

My Nkanu people have saying which loosely translates to: “Thoughtlessness is the elder brother of destruction.” Paranoia often leads to thoughtlessness and thoughtlessness precedes destruction. Governor Wike, sadly, is clearly burdened by the paranoia of an A-gamer who has suffered a debilitating loss.

This ostensibly leads him to becoming cynical and untrusting; even towards his most trusted friends and allies who laboured with him through thick and thin. The consequences of his paranoia could be grave, if he loses sight of where to put an end to the negative energy that now propels him.

Any misstep will find him playing into the hands of the enemies of the Nigerian people which the APC shamelessly represents, thereby strengthening the chances of the same APC that has caused so much injury to the Nigerian State and the welfare of her citizens – and eventually put him at the risk of diminishing the chances of the APC finding him trustworthy.

Governor Wike, for me, has made his point and it has been noted. He was treated unjustly by a party he had always gone all out for. But he needs to sheath his sword; not necessarily in the interest of his party, but as a sign that he respects the welfare of the Nigerian people, bearing in mind that continuing on this path may potentially disrupt the chances left of a governable Nigeria, assuming the APC wangles its way to power with his tacit assistance.

The fabled father-in-law of the tortoise had long proven this truism: protest too long that you are right and you will be wrong.

Nwodo, a lawyer, wrote from Abuja.

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