By Udeme Akpan, Energy Editor

Gennex Technologies, an indigenous renewable energy company, has identified the proliferation of inexperienced installers, substandard components and lack of innovative financial packages as major challenges facing the renewable sector in Nigeria.

The company disclosed that these and other problems have affected the delivery of quality products and services to customers as well as hinder sustainable development.However, it called for the tackling of these issues in order to provide quality products and services to customers, including households and organisations.
Speaking with Vanguard in Lagos, the Managing Director of the company, Mr. Patrick Ilo, said: “One of the major challenges confronting our sectors is how to properly size and design solar solutions to make them more cost-effective and at the same time durable. At Gennex, we have blazed the trail by coming up with innovative approaches to tackling this problem, but the situation in the entire industry is not helped by the proliferation of inexperienced and unqualified “solar installers” who advise commercial, industrial and even residential customers on solutions design and sizing, and choice of inputs.

“Secondly, the industry is still grappling with the challenge of sub-standard inputs and components, which has the capacity to erode the confidence of customers in their journey to transition to renewable energy. The final challenge the industry is grappling with is how to ensure that Commercial and Industrial customers, as well as other end users have access to innovative financial packages to assist them in the uptake of solar solutions.”

He said: “These issues are germane to the development of the entire solar and renewable energy industry in Nigeria. We cannot play the ostrich and pretend they do not matter or affect the development of the sector. As a leading player and thought leader in the industry, we strongly believe our role in the industry is to provoke discussions on these challenges and highlight solutions. This is where the Gennex Colloquium 2022 comes in.

“The Gennex Colloquium 2022 was put together to bring industry leaders and experts, policy actors, leading energy companies, financial institutions, civil society as well as end users into the same room to discuss these challenges confronting the sector. Our expectation is that by bringing the entire ecosystem together to highlight and distil these issues and solutions, we will have workable plans of action going forward. Through the Gennex Colloquium 2022, we are also very optimistic that we will be able to place on the table of policy actors, critical insights and agenda that would galvanise the development of the entire renewable energy industry.

“So that’s the major aim for organizing the Gennex Colloquium 2022 which holds next week Tuesday, 16th August 2022 at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Ikeja. We thank all our panelists, industry leaders and other invited guests who have accepted to participate in this epochal event.”

According to him, “This company was founded six years ago with the vision of revolutionizing the off-grid solar and renewable energy space in Nigeria. Over these years, we have remained true to this vision. Through our innovative solutions, we have helped many companies and individuals across Nigeria make a seamless transition to clean, renewable energy. Our product categories are top of the range in the industry, and by deploying our expert and experienced personnel to cutting-edge projects, our solar Installation systems are cost-effective and very durable.

“That is the story of Gennex-a company founded with the global vision to change the renewable energy industry with innovative products and service. However, Gennex Technologies is part of an industry, a sector and an ecosystem. The renewable energy sector has made tremendous progress over the last several years, from opening up of the sector to Foreign Direct Investment, standardization of inputs to key policy thrusts designed to galvanise investments in the sector and ensure smooth transition to clean energy. Despite this giant stride, challenges still abound.”

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