By Jimitota Onoyume

Nigerians have been urged to understand that the reason behind the acquisition of security vehicles for Niger Republic by the federal government was to step up border security against terrorism and armed banditry in the country.

Leader of Arewa in the South, Alhaji Musa Saidu gave this indication in a chat with the Vanguard newspaper, noting that he was really sad when he read some Nigerians criticizing the good intention of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Alhaji Saidu said there had been several media reports that most of the weapons used by Boko Haram and other similar terrorist organisations in the country were flowing in from Libya through Niger republic, adding that one way to stop this was to step up border security.

He said it was shocking that even some enlightened Nigerians could condemn the action of President Buhari, adding that elite Nigerians know that even western countries provide funds to enhance security in neighboring countries. This way they consolidate their own internal security.

Alhaji Saidu recalled that America, Britain donated to Africa counttries to contain spread of Covid 19.” It was a strategy to protect spread of it in their countries because they know we also fly into their countries”.

“Buhari should be commended for assisting Niger Republic with vehicles to fight insecurity. If we want to achieve result in our war against banditry and terrorism we also need to be concerned about security around border countries. I think it is what Mr President simply did.”

“Even developed countries do the same thing. We must know that Niger Republic is very central in terms of movement to Europe from many West Africa countries. “

“Nigeria occupies a very giant place in Africa. America is funding several security issues across the world because of their interest. Even Britain is releasing support to several areas for security matters. “

“We remember at a time our military said Boko Haram members were fleeing to Niger Republic. So we need to step up security in that area. “

“We are the giant in Africa. Mr President bought vehicles to combat terrorism, all kind of negative trafficking. It is in order. “

“We hear that terrorist at a time were from Libya and they came through Niger Republic. So if as a country we try to show some support for Niger republic to stop movement of terrorist through their country is not bad. “

“I am surprise at the reaction of some persons on this issue. I felt bad because many people still don’t understand the security problem we are confronting. Today the north is facing the challenge of terrorism, banditry and the East is facing a major security problem too.”

” Many Igbo leaders cannot go home for fear of the security challenge. I hear Nigeria flags are being burnt in many parts of the East. So we must know the enormity of our security problem. “

“We saw how they beheaded some people recently in the East. We know that Niger Republic is a transit to Europe. Without security in Niger Republic can you block the arms reportedly entering the country from Libya ? “

“The National Commission for Refugees , Migrants and Internally Displaced Persons, NCFRMI, has said there are about 300,000 refugee Nigerians in Niger republic. So our brothers and sisters are also there to enjoy security “.

“Most investors in Niger republic are Nigerians. Nigerians were given award there few days ago.”

“Dont forget that Nigerians are also profiting from Niger republic. They are big investors in the oil economy there. “

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