Financial literacy is the possession of the set of skills and knowledge that allows an individual to make informed and effective decisions with all of their financial resources, you will agree with me that most financially successful people on the earth are financially literate, and most of them are players in the real estate sector.

Real Estate is a lucrative industry that has become popular over the years and despite the current economic situation in Nigeria, the real estate industry is booming so much that it was not affected by the pandemic. The real estate sector is a safe and secure one and if you are thinking of going into real estate this year 2022, you need to get acquainted with some of the nuggets our guest this week, Dr. Niyi Adeleye spoke about.

In consonance with these basics on money and wealth, our guest today is a high-profile investor and real estate guru, a real estate developer, project manager and financial consultant. He started this journey to financial freedom and he has helped many to cross the barrier from poverty to prosperity, we had a chat with him on his way to the United Arab Emirates. Specifically, he explained why he came up with the mandate to raise one million high net worth individuals before 2030, via real estate engagements, below is the excerpt of the interview:

TBA:  Can we get to meet you sir?

I am Dr. Niyi Adeleye, a real estate developer, project manager, financially literacy, investment and wealth coach. I run an award-winning real estate clinic known as Perfection Real Estate Group.

TBA: Tell us a little bit about your organization

 Perfection Real Estate Group is a one-stop real estate consortium that seeks to innovate and provide solutions to the real human problems in the real estate sector.

Our vision is to empower people through real estate while our mission is to make home ownership and participation in the real estate sector more accessible to average person. Under our empowerment platform we have a mandate to raise one million High Networth Individuals between now and the 2030 through real estate.

In order to give physical expression to our vision and mission we have come up with the concept of Perfection Estate, a national real estate project that provides opportunities, possibilities and a platform to invest in lands, infrastructure and building projects, home ownership as well as a well structured income generating business systems around it.

Perfection Estate is located in different strategic and lucrative locations in Nigeria and still counting. Currently, there is an ongoing construction of 228 housing units being the first phase of a total of 1000 housing units at Perfection Estate Phase 1, in Ibeju Lekki, Lagos and same will be replicated in all Perfection Estate locations across Nigeria.

TBA: So, why did you venture into private business?

 Well, I ventured into private business to contribute my quota in adding value to humanity in the area of financial empowerment and wealth creation through real estate. It gives me lots of fulfillment to see people rise to become big real estate portfolio holder under my watch. I can just say real estate is a divine calling for me.

TBA:  Can you take us down the land mark achievements and challenges you have had as an organization over years? And how you overcame them?

 Well as far as I am concerned, we are on a journey and of course there are some achievements to our credit but I can say we are not yet where we want to be. This is an outfit that started as a single entity but now with four different real estate entities playing different roles from real estate development consulting, project management, marketing, construction, investment etc and that why we now answer the name Perfection Real Estate Group..

We have also achieved acquisition of so many of our project sites all by our own solo effort without the input of any financial institution.

We have surmounted so many challenges while still battling with some from the high cost of doing business in Nigeria, high cost of building material and the general bureaucratic process of dealing with government thus resulting in unnecessary delays and costs here and there which would be borne by the final consumer of our products.

TBA: What has been the organization’s contributions to the Nigerian economy.

Our organization has contributed quite a lot in the creation of jobs in all ramifications and by that I do not mean only jobs for our direct employees, we also engage services of various professionals and artisans, we also have a culture of contributing to the economy of all our host communities by engaging the youths in one form or the other in either the supply of our building materials, labour services and so on. We have also been good corporate citizen.

TBA: Where do you envision the group to be in the next 10 years?

In 10years I see our Perfection Estate spread all over the nooks and crannies of Nigeria with not less than one million High Net worth Individuals having been created through that process.

TBA: What advice do you have for budding business people or struggling entrepreneurs?

That entrepreneurship is a lifelong journey and not a money-making machine but a problem-solving exercise where money is just the by-product. Every business will pass through its own moment of turbulence and that is why I advise every entrepreneur to engage in businesses they love so dearly. An entrepreneur should be open minded, willing to learn and be consistent in their pursuit.


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