Nigerian actress, Lota Chukwu has released a mental health documentary titled “I’m Not Fine,” following the success of her short film, 37 to go.

I’m Not Fine focuses on the mental health struggles of individuals in Nigeria. It follows six adults as they tell their life stories and speak on their struggles with issues like depression and attempted suicide.

The viewers can anticipate a film with unfiltered emotions that will influence their opinions, alter some of their viewpoints, and undoubtedly arouse feelings in them.

This documentary properly demonstrates that her passion and talent extend beyond acting alone.

Speaking on the reason for the documentary, Chukwu said, “The basic reason why I decided to do this, as heavy as it is, is because I feel like we live in a society where depression or any other form of mental illness is treated as a taboo. I’m doing this to make people feel a little less alone, if anything to make you realize that there is someone out there who has lived your life in one way or the other.”

An apparent passion project, I’m Not Fine is just the movie Nigerians need right now. It teaches that talking about mental health issues, such as depression, is important and necessary in addition to telling the tales that need to be shared.

The openness of the participants in this film further demonstrates the value of speaking up and seeking the support required to get through the challenging stage of dealing with mental illness. There is no question that this film will have the desired effect.

I’m not fine is the second film from the stables of Cowrie films. It is available for viewing on YouTube.

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