The city of Nnewi and social media have been awash with many unconfirmed stories behind the death of Lady Chidiebere Iloka, wife of suspended Nnewi North local government chairman, Mbazulike Iloka.

Some banked on a video of the deceased body to claim that the deceased was a victim of domestic violence, while some spread the news based on hearsay.

But the Husband in a statement noted that Lady Chidiebere’s death was a case of a bad fall and not a case of domestic violence.

Mbazulike further revealed eyewithnesses who were present when the incident happened, and appealed with the public to stop spreading the false narrative of domestic violence but rather pray for God’s grace on the family in this time of agony and grief.

He said: “As you all know; on Sunday, 7th August 2022, the angel of death visited my household and the outcome was the transition to glory of my support system, my anchor, my dear wife, Lady Chidiebere Iloka.

“Against ongoing efforts to misrepresent what will remain the most painful event of my life, it has become imperative to address the issues raised over the last 48 hours which indicate that my dear wife, Lady Chidiebere Iloka was a victim of spousal/domestic abuse.

“For the records, my late wife, Lady Chidiebere Iloka was much more than a wife to me. She was my King, my solace, my rock, my guardian angel, my saviour and the custodian of my life on earth. She was the custodian of all my achievements on earth.

“She was the only signatory to my bank accounts. She was in charge of my businesses and was the final authority in my affairs. Her word was law.

“None of my associates or business partners can say they transacted business with me via any bank account other than those bearing the details of my wife. Similarly, no one can say they ever received any payment or cash or anything else from me in person. Everything about me was built around my dear late wife, Lady Chidiebere Iloka.

“She exercised full authority over all my assets; wherever they are and decided what to do with what as She deemed fit. She was everything and did everything to keep me alive. My siblings and Hers are alive to testify to this.

Against the above, I further state that

  1. On Sunday, 7th of August 2022, my family members and I woke up and after our family prayer rites, we went about our affairs for that day. I was out of the house for most of the morning as mine involved physically attending to various social and cultural events alongside visiting friends. Details of the groups and individuals involved have been provided to law enforcement agencies.
  2. My dear late wife was involved in coordinating aspects of home affairs and processing some transactions related to my business to the tune of nearly N1,000,000 and others involving my local committee of friends. Evidence of these abound via SMS and WhatsApp conversations between us as well as bank transfer receipts she sent me as evidence of success of the transactions. All these happened on Sunday; at a time the fifth columnists insist She was involved in a fight with me; when in fact, we were not in the same location.
  3. As we proceeded with our affairs in our respective locations, I had cause to interact with my dear late wife over telephone in the course of which I mentioned to Her that She wasn’t sounding as one in perfect health. She admitted but assured me she had taken painkillers and will be fine. Evidence of this conversation is available and can be extracted using my call logs.
  4. I returned home after some hours and together with my friend, Ikemefuna Edokwe sat at a round table a few steps away from the gate which is about 50 metered from the house my family lived in then called my dear wife to serve us some food. Ikemefuna Edokwe had earlier in the day visited my house and conveyed me in His motorcycle to attend the events I referred to above after engaging my dear late wife in a friendly chat.
  5. My wife happily obliged and proceeded to do same. On dishing the food, she started walking towards the gate where I sat with Ikemefuna Edokwe from the main building which is about 50 meters apart to serve us the food when she suddenly screamed and slumped; landing first with her face on the concrete wall as she struggled to gain balance and eventually with Her forehead on the iron and concrete slab which was casted a very long time ago by builders as part of the foundation for our main house.
  6. This happened in broad daylight; not indoors as suggested by stories planted in the media; right before me, my friend; Ikemefuna Edokwe and her domestic aide, Daniel (who was serving the food with Her); all of whom are still alive and are the first individuals who rushed to administer first aid on my late wife and then joined me in rushing Her to the hospital where She was pronounced dead after medical examination.

“My brothers and sister, I have lived an open life since my adulthood; spanning over 35 years. The house I live in with my late wife is an open place; accessible to all and sundry; and it is known to even my worst enemy that my wife was a supreme figure in my life after God Almighty.

“We did everything together and went everywhere together. She was my pulse and perfectly held brief for me; even in my presence.”

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