By Prince Okafor

A Lagos-bound Delta Air Flight made a diversion back to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta US, over its inability to attain the right altitude mid-flight.

Vanguard gathered that the diversion of flight no 54 which took off on the 5th of August 2022, was captured by the flight tracking website, FlightAware, detailing the trajectory of the flight over gruelling two and a half-hour period for its passengers.

The flight is an Airbus A330-200 (twin-jet) and departed at about 9.29 pm EDT. The flight had been delayed for about two hours before departure.

The data from FlightAware shows the plane departed at about 9.29 pm US time and gained an altitude of about 33,000 FT before it diverted en route back to the airport, landing at about 12.22 am.

Passengers were lodged in a hotel and refunded their full fare plus accommodation for about two days before they boarded another flight.

One of the passengers who preferred anonymity, stated that the plane struggled to gain altitude an hour after departure, forcing the pilot to return to Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.

“There was bedlam of prayers and worship going on in the plane,” he stated. He also revealed that the decision to return to Atlanta was that of the pilot, who considered his kids when making the decision.

“We were relieved when we landed so I engaged the pilot who told me he was not going to take a risk, especially as he has young kids.

“For some of the passengers, the decision of the pilot to consider safety first was enough to comfort the inconvenience of having to wait two days for another flight.

“Delta Air took charge of the passengers when they returned as the passengers confirmed they were ‘professional’ in the way the situation was handled.”

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