August 9, 2022

BBNaija: ‘Why won’t they win us’ – How Phyna, Doyin, housemates reacted to level-up house swap

By Adeleye Adegboyega

Big Brother got a lot of fans surprised on Monday, August 8, 2022 when he switched the houses of both levels in the BBNaija S7 show.

A ‘Get Ready’ announcement on the show organizers’ social media handles as well as Biggie’s directive to all housemates which was to pack all luggage and personal belongings; leaving them in the main lounge before the HOH games, made fans anticipate a possible house shakeup or swap of housemates.

The housemates expressed some surprise when they heard the news as they expected a shuffle of housemates, not houses.

Immediately after the Head of House game that saw Level 1’s Adekunle emerge as HOH, Biggie restrained all housemates from moving to their usual house as he ordered all Level 1 Housemates to switch to Trenches. Similarly, all Level 2 Housemates switched to Island as Biggie stated, “That is your new house”; both levels can now enjoy a whole house experience. As a result of the swap, Level 1 housemates will be in the multicoloured apartment while Level 2 housemates will be in the black and white apartment

The name of both levels remains unchanged, it’s only a change in their living areas. As they all moved into their respective new homes, many got startled by the distinction in structures, designs, and interior decorations. Level 2 housemates expressed excitement and shock as to how spacious the Island house is while Level 1 housemates discovered that the Trenches house wasn’t as expansive as their former house, Doyin said the best way to describe it is to call it “A family house”.

Level 2’s Phyna made a surprising remark, ‘Why won’t they win us’ as she felt Level 1 house have lived in comfort all these while and enjoyed the benefits of an urban house with better structures which gave them a clear advantage to practice well for presentation and games.

However, Level 1’s Chomzy and her fellow housemates complained about the dirty and untidy environment of the Trenches. An unconscious reply came immediately from Phyna who stated that Level 1 housemates also left their former house unkempt, especially the kitchen.

Level 1’s Sheggz & Eloswag also spoke about how hard it would be to restrain someone you have a conflict with, within the house as every room is so close-knitted. They plan to behave to prevent future arguments in their new house.

Doyin also reminisced about her friend, Beauty, and her lover, Cyph as it was heartbreaking for her that the duo were shown the exit door out of Biggie’s house. She couldn’t stop talking about the duo especially as she now lives in their former house.

Both Levels went back and forth, complaining about each other’s behaviour as they all continue to adjust to the culture shock and change from the norm they’ve been used to in the past two weeks.


Biggie’s usual fashion of surprising fans continues. From different levels to tail of house ridicule, the introduction of fake housemates and riders. The latest trick is for all housemates to get a whole house experience as Level 1 becomes the Trenches while Level 2 becomes the Island.

We anticipate how both houses acclimatize to their new living environment as well as more surprises from Biggie in the future.

It’s the third week in Biggie’s house out of ten, the battle continues as housemates jostle for the 100 million prize.