By Adeleye Adegboyega

Tale of Level 2 House- 14 housemates, 4 evicted, 1 disqualified, 9 remaining.

Tale of Level 1 House- 14 housemates, none evicted.

Daniella, Phyna, Amaka, Kess, Pharmsavi, Bryann, Groovy, Chizzy, and Modella will all go into tonight’s Week 4 Head of house challenge with their eyes set on achieving one goal, win the HOH to give Level 2 House immunity from eviction.

Fans have criticized the eviction nomination format which ensured the uneven distribution of both houses, many complained that a ratio of 14(Level 1) to 9(Level 2) housemates isn’t fair to the Level 2 house. However, as the theme states, both houses are contesting to “Level Up”.

Level 2 has been at the receiving end of defeats in the past few weeks, Week 2 Wager task loss caused an economic disadvantage to the house and 3 consecutive HOH game losses to their Level 1 counterparts made the house vulnerable to eviction. 5 housemates(Cyph, Christy O, Ilebaye, and Khalid were evicted) while Beauty got disqualified for flouting Biggie’s rules.

Level 1 housemates, Eloswag, Hermes, and Adekunle have all emerged as Head of House in the first three weeks. The wins gave the Level 1 house immunity from eviction. Hermes and Adekunle nominated 5 Level 2 housemates for eviction, notably Khalid and Phyna getting consecutive nominations.

The Week 3 Wager task ensured Level 2 House won a contest against their Level 1 counterparts for the first time since Week 1 Wager task. The house won the fashion show in amazing fashion as Modella, Phyna and her fellow housemates notably stole the Gen-Z-inspired fashion show with stunning looks, receiving eulogies from Biggie on the night.

Biggie’s eulogies on Hermes, Allyson and, Chichi weren’t enough for the Level 1 house as they fumbled in an exaggerative fashion. Bryann led a banter song that captured the whole show, “Plenty salaye no dey full basket” meaning Level 1 house overdid their fashion presentation. Biggie faulted the house for turning a fashion show into a live performance and red carpet show. Level 2 emerged winners on the night and it was a huge sigh of relief for a house that has been at the receiving end of losses.

The winning culture might have also made Level 1 house complacent on the night. Some level 1 housemates such as Sheggz and Amaka have experienced fears and jittery in the past few days at the thought of an eviction nomination. On the other hand, Phyna, Kess, Groovy, Daniella, Bryann, and other level two housemates have all shown their determination to halt the losing streak.

An emotional Daniella is determined to take up the challenge as Khalid motivated her to do. She eulogized her lover, Khalid for getting close to emerging HOH on consecutive occasions but had to pay the price of eviction.

Cyph contested in the final round of Week 2 HOH game, got nominated by Hermes, and was eventually evicted. The alpha-female of the house, Phyna sobbed uncontrollably after getting consecutive nominations and complained all week about being a huge threat to the Level 1 house, she is determined to go for the win, saving herself from another nomination. Amaka, Pharmsavi, Modella and Chizzy are also prepared to save the day for the scanty Level 2 house.

However, the 14 housemates from the Level 2 house, (except current HOH, Adekunle likely unable to compete) will all look forward to extending their winning streak. Eloswag, Hermes, Doyin, Sheggz, Allyson, Bella, Dotun, Rachel, Deji, Chichi, Giddyfia, Chomzy, Diana, and current HOH, Adekunle have all bragged that the house is always ready to win the HOH challenge.

The Big Question is;
A potential loss of at least two of 14 housemates to eviction; Will Level 1 taste a first HOH game defeat?

OR A potential immunity for the 9 remaining housemates; Will Level 2 house finally break the jinx of losing HOH games?

It’s week 4 out of 10 in Biggie’s house, The Level-up challenge for the 100 million grand prize continues.

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