August 22, 2022

2023, time to sack old politicians — Labour party urges Nigerians

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Shina Abubakar, Osogbo

The labour party in Osun state has urged Nigerians to use their permanent voters card to discard politicians who feel Nigeria is their personal heritage and belonging.

Speaking at the inauguration of the party in Ile-Ife, Osun state on Sunday, the Ife branch Chairman, Olamide Awosunle, said Nigerians are now in bondage with no meaningful or reasonable means of escaping.

He added that”the concept of citizenship remains skin-deep and a mirage as ethnic and religious fault lines deep; state institutions have virtually become impotent to serve any useful purpose because of the poison of incompetence hoisted by nepotism and clannish disposition of the leadership”.

He added that citizens are now groaning under the yoke of insecurity and economic hardship unleashed on them through corruption and mismanagement, adding that Peter Obi is the key to move Nigeria to prosperity.

His words: “It is high time we took courage and a bold step to get our country from the control of dinosaurs that see Nigeria as their heritage and personal belonging. The overwhelming rot, corruption, and impunity in our nation have reached its climax, hence the need to send all the greedy elite and cabals that have been recycling political positions among themselves parking.

“It is highly pathetic that Nigerians in their own country, now in a hostage situation, and there appear to be no meaningful and reasonable means of escape for us.

“In a country blessed with everything needed to be great, citizens are groaning under the yoke of insecurity and economic hardship unleashed on us by graft, corruption, and mismanagement.

“The frightening state of insecurity is made worse by the audacity of criminal elements that now negotiate with government and its agents from the position of strength. The activities of bandits, Boko Haram insurgents, and other criminal elements have virtually reduced our security forces almost to toothless dogs as security men have become victims of high casualty, being ambushed and killed in their numbers”.

Meanwhile, the state party Chairman, Comrade Adebayo Bello said the party’s presidential candidate is the solution to the numerous crisis beclouding the country, calling on the people to rally support behind the former Anambre state Governor.

“At this point in time, we need to speak in one voice and join hands together to vote out those politicians who have colonized the nation.

“Nigeria is a designed to be a great country. God created this country and gave it everything to make it great. The only thing that is needed is leadership, visionary leadership. Through Labour Party, we are committed to provide necessary leadership for the development of Ile-Ife, Osun State and Nigeria at large. With Peter Obi and Datti, Nigeria will attain its potential and achieve true greatness”. He added.

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