July 7, 2022

Who ‘ll defend us now — Fani-Kayode questions competence of military leadership after Kuje Prison attack

My DSS invitation not influenced by Atiku – Fani-Kayode


By Idowu Bankole

A former Aviation Minister, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode has condemned the terrorists attack at Kuje prisons in Abuja, saying the military leadership has failed Nigerians.

ISWAP terrorists stormed the Kuje correctional center in Abuja, blowing up the gates with dynamite and freeing over 750 inmates with about 6 inmates reportedly killed during the invasion.

The terrorists group has since claimed responsibility for the attacks which has attracted flurry of wide condemnation both from national and international organizations.

President Buhari who visited the scene yesterday lamented the intelligence failure, vowing to get to the root of the matter.

The Minister of Defense, Ibrahim Magashi disclosed to newsmen that all “64 Boko Haram inmates have been freed in the attacks.”

Reacting, Fani-Kayode blamed the attack on incompetent leadership of the nation’s military, saying it is time they must go.

He said, “It is increasingly difficult to comprehend the glaring incompetence and lack of patriotism, professionalism, diligence and courage of the leadership of the Nigerian Armed Forces.”

In a series of rhetorical questions, Fani-Kayode wondered what has become of Nigeria’s military.

“Is this the same military that once proudly led ECOMOG to victory in the West African sub-region?

“Is this the same military that once gave the Chadians and Libyans a bloody nose?

“Is this the same military that once faced down the Cameronians and French in the Bakassi Peninsular?

“Is this the same military that once kept us safe and protected us from enemies within and without?

“Is this the same military that was once led by Murtala Mohammed, Benjamin Adekunle, Olusegun Obasanjo, T.Y. Danjuma, Sani Abacha and Ibrahim Babangida.

“Is this the same military that was once regarded as the most powerful and effective fighting force in sub-saharan Africa?

“Is this the same military that politicians and our people once spoke of with respect and in whispered tones?

“How are the mighty fallen!

“Who will defend us from these foreign barbarians and invaders now?

“Who will stand against the terrorists that have plagued our land and that slaughter our people like Sallah rams and Christmas turkeys?

“This is no longer about party politics.

“This is now about saving the lives of our people who are being butchered and terrorized in a most horrendous way.

“The entire military high command and the Chief of Army Staff have to go and the Federal Government has to do FAR more to protect our people. We owe them that much.

“To criticise our own where we have gone wrong, though rare and unfashionable, is an act of patriotism and not one of rebellion. Nigeria must come FIRST!” He said.

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