July 18, 2022

We are out to genuinely rescue Nigeria, citizens — Ambassador Osakwe

We are out to genuinely rescue Nigeria, citizens — Ambassador Osakwe


Ambassador Felix Johnson Osakwe, has emerged as the presidential candidate of the Nigeria Rescue Movement, NRM after a keenly contested nomination process in Abuja.  Ambassador Yahhaya Kyabo Fagge, was nominated as the running mate to the youth development expert for the race to Nigeria’s presidency in 2023. 

This was made known by the party National Chairman Hon. Isaac Chigozie Udeh a chat with our correspondent in Abuja, Monday, as the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC winds down on the nomination process for the forthcoming general elections in the country. 

Ambassador Osakwe, a clergyman couldn’t hide his excitement at the latest development vowing that his party was poised to rescue the nation from the inherent  imperfections in her body polity; declaring  that Njgerians should gear up for a new country where the opinions of all shall count with all segments of the Nigerian society as stakeholders. 

He noted that the time has come for the citizens to embrace genuine and practicable change from the norm noting that when given the mandate in 2023, his party will dwell on harnessing the diversities inherent in the nation to better unite the people taking it beyond the realm of ethnic agitations, poverty-induced banditry and security, poor power supply and unmanageable infrastructure to foster enduring peace and unity.

The Ndokwa Delta State-born preacher who was the Presidential candidate of the Democratic Peoples Party, DPP in the   2019 election, stated that the time has come for all Nigerians to rise above ethnic cleavages to build on the foundation put in place by the founding fathers of the Nigerian State adding that it was time for the nation to move forward developmentally to meet the challenges of the contemporary global community. 

The NRM according to Ambassador Osakwe has in its kitty the plans to develop human and material resources particularly the youths in capacity building and aggressive empowerment to bequeath on the nation a productive population that can stand tall anywhere in the world. 

Nigeria, he maintained, had suffered dearth of purposeful leadership which he said, the NRM has come to provide in its visionary governance. 

Taking a swipe at the current President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration, Osakwe noted that the government failed woefully in the areas of fostering unity due to the menace of bad governance, nepotism, wanton corruption, favouritism and racketeering in government a development he said had brought untold hardship to the Nigerian people saying the actions and inactions the current administration has resulted in the insecurity across the land expressing regret that most people who voted for the enthronement of current government have been killed unjustifiably through avoidable recklessness occasioned by the lethargy of the operators of the political system and this he said his party will correct and grow a nation that Nigerians will be proud to identify with. 

In the area of Agriculture, Osakwe added that his administration will genuinely mechanise Agriculture, working assiduously to broaden the capacities of the agro sector and ensure that  commercial farming becomes even more expansive to enable Nigeria earn her foreign exchange, curtail the astronomical hike in exchange, thereby raising the hope for the middle class and the masses in line with the NRM policy  of rescuing and restoring the Nigerian economy and achieving  meaningful and productive economic diversification

“On assumption of office, our party shall bring all stakeholders to the table to brainstorm on a new egalitarian Nigeria and all facets of the federation shall be structured to assuage the ill feelings of the Nigerian minority ethnic tribes while also ensuring that this nation is moved out of the woods.

“Our administration unlike what we see everyday, wouldn’t fund corruption mo matter how little and our children shall not stay a day at home for reason of incessant strikes occasioned by the clueless essence of the current administration. 

“Our mandate will include restructuring Nigeria to build hope in the masses of our people where nepotism will be killed and profligacy expunged from our  polity. We have a serious political organisation that will douse the current tension created by poor governance in our drive to renew the hope of all Nigerians.”

Ambassador Osakwe answered the altar call at age 19, and served in several capacities in the RCCG as one of the first generation of  evangelists prior to establishing his own ministry, Christ Evangelical and Prayer Ministry, CEPM with branches in Nigeria, US and India. 

A teacher, life coach, character moulder/influencer, and  development expert,  FJO  serves as a mentor of youths across the globe and  cut his teeth and rose to prominence through theological, systemic development seminars, youth ambassadorial engagements, motivational speaking both home and overseas and spirited efforts at grooming purpose-driven young people across social and political spaces  

In addition to his ecclesiastical responsibilities, Reverend Okawe who is widely travelled is a philanthropist,  social crusader and a  peace broker and his values and beliefs ate founded in the philosophy of progressive politics.  To him, the Nigerian State needs a new breed of leaders who will inject into it, the ideals of contemporary politics believing that the norm must become consistent with the global trend of development. 

“The enemies of our aspiration to lead Nigeria are the reactionary elements who are against change in norm. I crave character rebirth in a new Nigeria where the citizens enjoy equal opportunities without let or hindrance. 

“Our political movement focuses on aggressive and accelerated growth and even development of human and material resources in all parts of Nigeria. We shall ensure that our national integrity and solidarity is restored to give every Nigerian a pride of place in the global community. My team craves a prosperous and powerful most populous black nation in the world that will robustly engage world powers, discuss African development and not debt relief. We shall grow our nation and exit the citizens from poverty and mass illiteracy and despondency while we steer the ship of our nation state in the direction of self sufficiency in food production without necessarily promoting hunger and starvation. 

“We are signing social contract with Nigerians and run an all inclusive administration where we prioritise input from the political environment and not to rule through cabal. Our administration shall be for all Nigerians while we pride ourselves above blind acquisition of stolen wealth. Corruption shall be nipped in the bud thereby, making the war on corruption less cumbersome to fight. These are tips of the icebergs of what we are bringing on board.”  The Ukwani- born Evangelist-turned politician stated.

In 2004, FJO was appointed the United State Coordinator of Land Markers International by the General Lai Yusuf-led Land Markers Worldwide, a body that promotes healthy relationship between the US and Nigeria and he has been instrumental to a lot of foreign investments in the country a development that endears him to those at the corridors of power in Nigeria.

Having achieved an enviable feat in his first appointment, Ambassador Osakwe was appointed, International Ambassador for Peace by the Universal Peace Federation, an organisation with general consultative status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council,(UNESCO) an appointment through which he has exuded enormous diplomatic prowess with a far-reaching network of top notches in professional and business world building a legion of global associates and allies all over America and Europe making him a global brand. 

“Having sojourned in the largest and most civilised democracy in the world for more than a decade, the time has come for me and my team to take the mantle of leadership of this country in 2023.”