By Chris Onuoha

Ehime Favour better known as MC Yannist, is one of the youngest Nigerian Comedians. He had reasons to be discouraged in life growing up as a son of a local security guard who earned a monthly salary of N10,000.00 for the upkeep of his family of Eight with the support from mother, a petty trader and make impact in their lives.

Ehime’s story evokes the now – standup comedian, actor, skit maker and content creator having braved the odds to acquire a tertiary education with a lot of challenges to contend with. But, he refused to sit in despair; that is to engage in forced migration, drug trafficking, money ritual and other social vices.

A few years after graduating from the Federal Polytechnic, Auchi, Edo State, the 31 year-old MC Yannist whose parents are from Ile-Ekpoma and Ile-Irrua in Esan West and Esan South East Local Government Areas of Edo State, has no reason to regret as a young comedian. The most priceless impetus to remain afloat are patience, consistency and focus in order to win.

The Civil Engineering graduate of Federal Polytechnic, Auchi in Edo State has not only made it into the celebrity wing of the entertainment industry, but is an employer of labour, while most of his contemporaries who graduated with honours have been bounced into the streets by the vagaries of life in search of jobs.

“While my those we graduated together, were into job hunting, I was already employing people to assist in promoting my brand”, MC Yannist said, “There was no need to go look for a white-coller job after my graduation when my talent, which I started fanning as an undergraduate was already paying off”.

This reining figure who is renowned for his ‘Comedy Blood Line, ‘Koboko Master’, has also is a liberal influencer by promoting good moral Comedy Skits for maintenance of law and order in society. It wasn’t easy for him, yet, he was convinced about his dream.

As one of the comedians who are blazing trail, MC Yannist, neither suffered rejection nor discouragement from his family when he began his craft as a Polytechnic student. But years after in the entertainment industry, he has the big boys who are seen as cabals in the industry to contend with.

It must have been a challenge from MC Yannist to have juggled between academic studies, studentship and the creative industry. But the comedian made a success of his ball juggling act with designing, maintenance, analysis and development of the physical environment as part of his continuous assessment at the Polytechnic.

“Comedy is not restricted to a particular continent. In fact, Information Communication (ICT), has a beacon of hope. There is no treatment for laughter anywhere in the world. Even psychiatrists underscore its importance in fighting depression”, MC Yannist enthused.

As Nigeria etches closer to the brink of dismemberment, MC Yannist is convinced that beyond talents, comedy remains an influential tool for influencing behavioural change and a bridge that can break stereotypes across religion, ethnic and social class for national integration.

There is more so, as it is merely human to experience Comedic feelings in entertainment conversations, especially, the stand up act. Besides, in any audience, anywhere in Nigeria, revellers and fun seekers are not looking for ethnoses. Ironically, ‘it is in our ethnos foibles’ that comedy skits abound.

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