Eleos Specialist Hospital, Umuahia, became the first hospital in Nigeria to commence Supine Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy( Supine PCNL) — a method of removing big kidney stones without the conventional big cuts of open surgery.

Prior to this time Prone PCNL has been adopted by a few other hospitals which usually involves turning the patient face down and putting the patient under general anaesthesia unlike Supine PCNL where we use an epidural meaning the patient will be awake for the procedure, still facing up. 

The options of treatment of smaller kidney stones that did not respond to water therapy and drugs like Laser lithotripsy has long been in use by our facility as well as other facilities in Nigeria.

Having commenced with endoscopic surgeries for the prostate amidst other minimally invasive surgeries, the hospital aims at employing the latest technologies in the world to give patients a world-class touch to healthcare at the most affordable costs.

Eleos Specialist Hospital is well equipped with the appropriate facilities and provides laser lithotripsy (laser surgery) as well as other options of treatment for the removal of kidney stones, bladder stones, ureteric stones etc!

According to Dr. P.E Ngwu a Consultant Urologist (MBBS, Cert. LMIH, FWACS), “This procedure has been performed on many patients over the last few years abroad and is the accepted standard of care for patients with kidney stones that are very large, firm, or resistant to other forms of stone treatment. 

 “This procedure results in significantly less post-operative pain, a shorter hospital stay, and a quick recovery and return to daily activities when compared to open stone surgery (i.e. surgeries where patients are cut open)”

The Consultant urologist added that, “this technique has a higher and faster clearance rate than the normal laser surgery when the stones are more than 2 to 3 centimeter in its widest dimension.. With PCNL, all stones present in a patient’s kidney can be cleared in one sitting as compared to the other procedures which may require more than one session.”

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