By Ephraim Oseji

Dr.Okhue Iboi is one of the notable trado- medical practitioners in Nigeria. His lure to herbal practice was dictated more by overriding factor and zeal to assist humanity. He was said to have been born with fresh leaves in his hands which was a prelude to him becoming an herbalist at a tender age. In this interview, Iboi reveals how some medical doctors apply the services of herbalists in treating their patients. Excerpts:

How did you acquire the powers to treat and heal patients with stroke and other diseases?

I was born with fresh leaves in my hands. I was not only born into traditional home, but my late father Chief Jonah Iboi was a hunter who migrated from Otuo in Owan Local Government Area of Edo State to Okpe Kingdom in Akoko Edo where I was born. I started trado-medical practice at a tender age when I was healing and delivering people from satanic bondage and setting them free from affliction. Although, I could not go to school beyond primary six because whenever a teacher is in the class teaching, I would be seeing leaves on the black board instead of what the teacher has written, hence I dropped out of school to go into trado-medical practice.

How important is the use of oracle in your work?

The significance of oracle in my profession cannot be over-emphasized, but unfortunately, some of the well to do people in the society do not want to associate with herbalist openly, when most of them are sick, they travel out of the country for medical treatment and sometimes when they come back home, the sickness starts all over  again. Some of them who are afflicted with the disease that took them outside the country for treatment soon found out that the same ailment has continued with them in a greater circle. What sometimes happens is that evil people may plant the disease on them without them knowing that, and when they come back, these evil people continue to deal with them in greater measure. What we do when some patients are brought to us is to find out through the oracle if the aliment is natural or spiritual before we commence treatment on the person. If it is the handiwork of evil people, the oracle will tell us as well as the solution to it.


Sometimes, we remove the hands of the evil people from the person’s body before he or she can be healed. If the sacrifice requires the buying of a goat or ram to appease the people responsible for the ailment, we do it and when we buy the animal we command the aliment into the animal’s body and throw it into the bush to die. The moment we do this the victim of the evil manipulation will start to get well and whatever medicine we give out or applied to the victim’s body will work and the person will become healed.

You are noted for healing people with hypertension, stroke and related diseases, can you give us an insight into what is responsible for the ailment?

What most people do not know about hypertension is that it goes with the nerves from high blood pressure to hypertension and from that stage to stroke. All those things work with the nerves. People suffering from hypertension will first have the effect on their nerves which become hot with temperature on the rise. Looking at the temperature, anything from 120-130 is normal, but from 130-150 gives high blood pressure. There was a case of a woman, Mrs. Julie George, from Cross River State that was battling with stroke for years. Just at the verge of giving up hope of overcoming the ailment, her uncle who lives and work in the University of Ibadan (UI) read in one of the national dailies about divine healing and the uncle reached out to the newspaper to get my contact information. After all said and done, Julie George was brought to me from Cross River to her uncle’s house in Ibadan in October 2020, where I commenced treatment on her.

Hearing from the oracle

Before I commenced treatment on her, I had to find out from my oracle what was responsible for the stroke to which it was revealed that the stroke was natural and not human inflicted. If the ailment was human or evil people inflicted, what we would have done was to make a sacrifice to appease the people involved so that they would remove their hands from the treatment and if it’s not done, the ailment will continue to torment the victim until they die. The evil people sometimes make the doctor “make mistakes” that could lead to the victims’ death. Most medical doctors sometimes go traditional in order to have smooth operation or treatment. This kind of doctor that goes traditional hardly records death in the hospitals. The public may not know the steps the doctor has taken secretly to make things easy for them.

Going Herbal

I had to go to my village to get the fresh leaves and herbs with which she was treated and she became healed. The healing was slow because most of her nerves were damaged by injections she took at various hospitals before coming to me. I always advise people with stroke to go herbal instead of going to the hospital where their nerves could be damaged with injection that may prolong their healing. Today, Julie George is hale and hearty. The paralysis which once made her sorrowful has gone as she could use her both hands and legs effectively now.

Aside from stroke, which other ailments do you treat?

Let me categorically tell you that I can treat tuberculosis, asthma, gonorrhoea, weak erection, low sperm count and irregular menstruation. I  also handle the issue of ill-luck and hatred which evil people usually inflict on innocent ones.


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