By Gabriel Olawale

His story can be likened to that of a modern day Cinderella, only that Sal Jobe is a full blooded man, who started as a night shift shelf stacker in a Sainsburys supermarket United Kingdom, his work then was to restock and rearrange the shelves of the retail store every night 21:00pm to 07:00am, and like the story of light under bushel his quality saw him rise to becoming team leader and subsequently the delivery driver, still yearning for a better life, Sal decided to pursue a career in acting.

This new passion will see Sal Jobe proceeding to Brian Timoney School of Method Acting, after which he then worked with an agent to land him roles and jobs, it was however after sometime and constant development via workshops and boot camps that Sal began to land some notable acting roles, he featured in short films like “only wolves movie” and then other blockbuster movies like the; “Legend of Tarzan in 2016” where he played the role of a village kuba native and “Star Wars the Force awakens” where he was a stormtrooper.

While fulfilling his acting passion, Sal was also able to build a network of new friends and contacts that varies from Hollywood A-list actors like Tom Hardy, to prominent athletes like Anthony Joshua the British born Nigerian boxer and Jarrell “Big Baby”Miller.

Like the saying goes, “Life is not a bed of roses”, Sal explained that getting regular movie role became even more difficult in his words “It was hard to land jobs in acting, there are so much competition and far more experienced actors than me, I was practically at the back of the queue”, and he said.

Fortune how ever smiled on him when during a conversation with Jarrell Miller, the boxer was venting his frustration with his current situation on how he was unable to get fights he wanted and how he was also having management issues, Sal said something clicked and he promised to make a couple of calls to see how he can help and in the process set up a $6.2 million fight that will rise to 7 million after PPV with Anthony Joshua.

Though the fight did not materialise after Jarell Miller was tested positive to drugs, it was the multi million dollar fight that was supposed to take place in Maddison Square Gardens that introduced him to the business of sports agent.

His introduction to the business of sports entertainment has been a wonderful story that has made him an household name as he has been from one deal to another, and he has been involved in football transfers deals to big commercial deals for boxers, he has worked with Brands like adidas and Castore sportswear.

Though still a practising actor Sal has also been more active in sports business which has been very gratifying, and it has been rewarding for all the hard work.

Sal Jobe is the author of the book called “The Agent Game” a book with insights and tips for aspiring athletes and also for agents and mangers starting out like he did. He’s also available to help with whoever desires his assistance and can be reached on his social media handles.


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