July 26, 2022

Presidential candidates must make restructuring plans public — Core Federalists

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By Gabriel Olawale

A group, The Core Federalists, CF, yesterday, said that none of the presidential candidates is giving the country’s restructuring the kind of attention it deserves in their campaigns.

The group tasked all the candidates running for office in 2023 to assure Nigerians that the next president will restructure Nigeria in a way beneficial to all zones of the country.

In a statement by Ambassador Humphrey Orjiako, Handel Okoli and Mr. Mark Adebayo, the group said restructuring the country will go a long way to ensuring equity, justice, peace and the elusive development in Nigeria.

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The statement reads: “As the 2023 general elections knock on our doors, the Core Federalists, as an organisation, has noticed, with serious concern, that the issue of restructuring Nigeria has not gotten the kind of attention it deserves in the conversations around the elections.

”We, in the CF, believe that there is no issue more important and urgent than restructuring in present day Nigeria, due to the fact that almost all the challenges the country is battling with – insecurity, underdevelopment, economic backwardness, massive corruption and inter-ethnic distrust, religious violence and allied crises – are not unconnected with the warped structure of the country that is not only unsustainable but also unworkable.

“We believe strongly that development and peace will continue to elude Nigeria if the federating units – geopolitical zones, states and local government areas – are considered mere appendages to the so-called Federal Government to which the former must kowtow for monthly handouts without the capacity to determine the direction they want their communities to proceed and the development templates they wish to apply as relevant to their environments.

“There is no gainsaying the fact that this type of system discourages productivity and kills creativity and consequently stifles development.

“We demand that each of the presidential candidates running for office in the 2023 presidential election make public their restructuring plans for Nigeria.” 

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