July 21, 2022

PayForce, WellaHealth partner to provide health cover for 1m Nigerians

PayForce, WellaHealth partner to provide health cover for 1m Nigerians

By Prince Okafor

Agency banking platform, under the umbrella of CrowdForce, Payforce has partnered WellaHealth, a health tech business to provide health coverage for over one million Nigerians through its 30,000 agents working across the country.

This covers people in the informal sectors and rural areas including the unbanked and underhanded living in these communities and using Payforce’s services.

WellaHealth noted that about 97 percent of Nigerians pay from their pocket when they fall sick. This puts an undue burden on the finances and disposable income of Nigerians. PayForce believes that this partnership will help provide agents with the benefits that ensure that their monthly income working with

CrowdForce’s Head of Business Development and Partnership, Nurudeen Habu, stated that the partnership will show its agents and numerous customers that the firm is committed to a healthy workforce, and committed to designing ways to protect agents and customer’s earnings, by partnering with WellaHealth, to provide this health plans.

“WellaHealth Plans are retailed to the public at 1700 Naira and 2300 Naira for the quarterly Basic and HospiCash plans which covers common illness like malaria, typhoid, chronic care management and cash back for funds spent when an enrollee is hospitalized.

“PayForce understands the importance of access to quality healthcare for its agents and has fostered this partnership as part of its commitment to a better quality of life for its agents.

WellaHealth’s Marketing & Communications Lead, Joseph Okoroafor, said “Our teams have done an outstanding job working on this partnership working through all touchpoints to provide quality healthcare for all.

“This partnership is part of WellaHealth’s roadmap to work with firms and businesses interested in bringing quality health cover to their employees and customers so as to reduce out-of-pocket payment for healthcare at a very low cost.”

The recent NHIA act acknowledges the importance of Third Party businesses in the health insurance space and reads that Nigerians are mandated to get health insurance for themselves. This partnership is further designed to reach as many Nigerians as possible with access to health covers that helps achieve the purpose of the new Act.

The Business Development Lead, Collins Jacob is confident that this partnership will further strengthen the relationship between both companies as they continue to pursue more avenues for partnership to bring solutions to Nigerians

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