July 22, 2022

Nanya Spark debuts with ‘Yung x Wildin’ 

… drops visuals for “Bow Down’

By Juliet Ebirim

Talented Afrobeats star, Nanya Spark has officially released the video to her smash hit single ‘Bow Down’. The song is off her debut EP ‘Yung x Wildin’, released July 2022. For a fact, Nanya’s beauty is irresistible, but her musical dexterity is off the hook. The unique melodic composition of all the songs in the EP gives credence to why she is highly respected. 

‘Remedy’ and ‘Mojo’, the second and third songs in the EP, are both feel-good vibes, and the vocals are extraordinary. ‘Sinner (La la la)’ featuring Billie Bando is like a summer anthem. The track ‘Oyi’ is a melodic masterpiece. ‘Undress‘ and ‘Yawa’, the sixth and seventh, are dance songs for all occasions. 

Speaking about the EP, Nanya said, “Each song tells a different and unique story. ‘Yung x Wildin’ is about vibes, empowerment, love, heartbreak, infatuation, dance, living life and being badass. The inspiration comes from everything Nanya is about, my struggles and passion.”

Continuing, she added “With this EP, I stepped out of my comfort zone. I was fearless in my creative execution and played with different sounds. The EP title name came from how I felt while working on it. I felt reborn and charged. I felt wild while experimenting with various genres, and I wanted my listeners to feel the same; Refreshed, Young, and Wild.” she concluded. 

The colorful video to the song ‘Bow Down’, was released on Friday July 22, 2022.