July 15, 2022

MSF raises alarm over influx of malnourished children in N-East

MSF raises alarm over influx of malnourished children in N-East

By Musa Na Annabi

Sokoto—The Medicine Sans Frontières, MSF (Doctors Without Boarders)  has alerted the Federal Government over the growing influx of malnourished  children in North-West part of the country.

MSF, which is an international humanitarian group, said its personnel were working hard to bring to light the cases of malnutrition among children in North-West Nigeria.

The humanitarian group said it had raised a similar alarm about the unprecedented influx of malnourished children in its nutrition centre in Maiduguri, Borno State.

This time, according to the statement, MSF is communicating on the North-West part of the country, where MSF is working on nutrition in five states.

The group further said a large part of the population in northern Nigeria was chronically vulnerable to food and nutrition insecurity.

It highlighted a combination of many factors, including escalating violence, disruption of access to farming and livelihoods, as reason responsible for the growing health and nutrition crisis in the North-West Nigeria.

Other factors, according to the International NGO, are widespread displacement and soaring food prices that are largely overlooked by the international humanitarian stakeholders.