Getting a driver’s permit is a special moment for young adults and is marked as a step toward one’s independence and freedom. However, if a sense of responsibility does not accompany it, it can result in drastic results, as teen drivers are more prone to get involved in accidents than adults. The most common reasons for teen car accidents are distracted driving, inexperienced driving, speeding, alcohol intoxication, and nighttime driving. Teen drivers are more likely to get distracted. This distraction could be visual, manual, and cognitive, especially when driving with fellow teenage passengers. According to a study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), nearly seven teens are killed every day in the United States. The risk of fatal car accidents increases with the number of teenagers in the car. However, parents can play a pivotal role in helping young drivers stay safe and make sure to follow safety measures before letting teenagers get behind the wheel. With proper guidance and practice, it is possible to avoid such happenings.

There are several leading causes of accidents involving teen drivers, some of which are provided below. Teenagers should remain careful to avoid getting in car crashes.


More than 58% of accidents that involve teen drivers are due to distracted driving. Activities like using cell phones, radios, driving with other teenagers, applying makeup while conducting, or any activity that diverts your eyes off the road, even for a few seconds, can result in accidents.


Driving within speed limits is also a significant factor in accidents involving teens. Young drivers must learn to manage speed according to the situation. A study shows a mere increase of 10mph above the speed limit can almost double the distance and time needed to make a complete stop, resulting in fatal collisions.

Not wearing seat belts

All drivers, along with their passengers, must wear seat belts while driving. Many teen drivers and their teen passengers do not wear seat belts, resulting in injuries and fatalities.

Safety rules for teen drivers.

To ensure the safety of teen drivers, parents can set rules and enforce them. After learning these lessons from their parents, young adults are less likely to drive recklessly. Make sure your child is mature enough to follow these rules before applying for a driving permit. The national safety council encourages parents to ensure safety rules. They include:

  • No use of cell phone while driving
  • Not to drive with other passengers in the first year of driving
  • No nighttime driving
  • No driving under the influence of alcohol
  • Give them proper driving lessons and knowledge to cope with different situations

“Teens are more likely to adopt good driving behaviors when they see their parents setting a good example. This is by following safety rules like using seat belts, driving within speed limits, and avoiding smartphone usage,” says personal injury lawyer Felix Gonzalez.

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