• ‘I am very poor because producers cheat me’

By Davies Iheamnachor

Nollywood actor, Kenneth Chiwetalu, popularly called Aguba, in this interview, says he wants to get married to a virgin girl after rejecting a lady on social media proposing to him. He speaks after the General Overseer of Omega Power Ministry, Apostle Chinyere Chibuzor, gave him accommodation in his free estate, having been reported homeless. He also speaks on his experience in the entertainment industry since 2003.

How do you feel about your being here in Port Harcourt as OPM has given to free accommodation here in Port Harcourt?

I am very happy for the intervention. I am very happy that this man of God brought me out from where rain was beating me to give me shelter. This has shown that he is truly a man of God. But somehow I am not happy because, as I left Ababa for Port Harcourt urgently, all my belongings are still outside.

When you are left in the middle of thieves your mind will never be at rest. People may go there and pick my property because I left them at the place I live in. I patch broken plastics and repair umbrellas. All the things I use to do the work are outside. Last Sunday I went to church, before I came back, somebody had gone broken into my cage and carried the gas cylinder I use to work. I am not happy. Somebody came and used his phone and took video of me where I am staying; that is how this man of God saw it and called me to come. He said he wants to help me. I came to answer him. I didn’t prepare for the journey. I was thinking it would be only a visit. My church in Ababa said they were preparing accommodation for me in the pastorium. But for over 15 years they are still on the project. God has told them to keep me. God knows that I am a film person and that is the reason He asked them to keep me safe. People can promise but they will not fulfil.

For how long have you been in the movie industry, and how do you make money?

I have been in the film industry since 2003. They do not pay me. They cheat me. They have not paid me up to N20, 000 before. Each film I do they pay me N5, 000. Only one man who came from Calabar to do film paid me N10, 000. I am being cheated so much. There is one film I did called Ugly Landlord, we agreed that I will be paid N100, 000. I took the lead role. I did everything with my costume and props. After the production, they gave me N200 that I should go and eat food that they will see me later. I asked if that is how they do, they said I should go. One Amayo Imo wrote the script. I did the film and it is selling very well. If people tell him, he tells them that he has paid me. He made money from that movie, because people were interested in it.

Like how much have you made in the movie industry since 2003?
It is supposed to be millions, but they did not give it to me. One producer recently came to shoot film and I worked with them. He promised to give me N20, 000. At the end of the production he left without paying me. I called him later he said I should come to Jos, Plateau State to take the money.

Do you know how much it will cost me to travel from Enugu to Jos? I did Agaba, what they paid me was N2, 500. For featuring in Igwososha they paid me N5, 000. Odum na Akwa Eke, I was also paid N5, 000 despite how they flogged me there. Because the pain was too much, I told them to increase my money and they added N1, 000 to make it N6, 000; that was my highest.

I suffered and I was sick for three months after that film. I stayed in the hospital for three months; they did not give me attention. I would have died but God saved me. God brought somebody all the way from Canada who said Aguba will not die. He sent N100, 000. After I got well and came out they said the money finished. Nigeria movie producers played me too much. They are supposed to even build house for me. They don’t know where I came from. I am a child of God. I am not proud. Christ does not boast. I am Jesus incarnate. They cheated Jesus too much. The cheating leaves me in pain, but God said I should not give attention to the things people do against me because I am living among sinful men. I will not kill myself because people are cheating and owing me. My people did not help me. I did manual labour and raised some money to buy a car, an old Ford. I gave my brother the money to buy me car. But he went and bought a spoilt car. It has good body but the engine was bad.

Yul Edoche is said to be making efforts to help you…
As you mentioned Yul Edoche now, I have also been looking for a way to reach him for help but I do not have his phone number. I need his help. I want him to help and build a house for me in my place. I will like to go home so that I will harvest my corn and other farm produce so that they will not get spoilt.

If OPM wants to help me they should get me land in Ababa. That is where I am based. One person does not live in two different places. If they do this for me I will be very happy. Then, if they want me in Port Harcourt I will always come. If I am based there I will be happy. I have been known in Ababa. You cannot remove a righteous man from his place. I will not stay here forever.

There is this beautiful lady trending on the social media, saying that she wants you to marry her. Will you marry her?

Whether she is beautiful or not, I will not marry somebody that is in the movie industry. Why will I marry her. Is it me that she is waiting for? I will not marry her. She is not a virgin. I want to marry a virgin. This one is not a virgin.

To get a virgin may be tough now for you. Where do you intend to get one?
I will marry from Israel; that is where my lineage is. There are virgin girls there. You can get one there easily. There is somebody in Asaba that told me that if I am ready he will send a number for me to call and get a virgin lady in Israel to marry. But the man that made me that promise is late now. I believe I will still get another means.


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