By Miftaudeen Raji

Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode has raised concern over the long running Russia-Ukraine war.

The former minister in statement published on his Facebook page on Tuesday said the Western powers have sacrificed the Ukrainian people to provoked a horrific war with Russia.

He added the Western powers have also justified their quest to provoke a Third World War and establish a New World Order.

He quoted a former Prime Minister of Ukraine, Arseniy Yatsenyuk to have said, “I expect a new global order to emerge otherwise autocrats and dictators will rule the world.”

Fani-Kayode queried is that was what President Joe Biden’s America, Europe and NATO had in mind all along.

The former minister further asked questions, “Isn’t that why they misled Zelensky and cajoled him into daring Russia?

“Isn’t that why they rejoice when Ukrainian cities are bombed and burnt and watch with glee and momentous applause when the Ukrainian people are butchered and slaughtered?

“Isn’t this what they hoped for and planned in order to justify a major deployment of NATO forces in Eastern Europe and expand NATO?

“Isn’t this why they keep sending huge sums of money to the Ukraine even though the poor people of that beleaguered and plagued country have been hammered and pummelled and have NO hope of winning the war?

“Wasn’t it part of America’s wider agenda to use the Ukrainians as easy bait and get them to provoke the Russian bear into war?

“Don’t they plan to do the same with Taiwan and provoke China into a similar conflict in the next few months and years?

“Who do Biden, Johnson, Macron and the other western leaders think they are fooling?

“Is it not obvious to them that most of the developing world have seen through their demonic agenda and are totally against them?,” he said.

Fani-Kayode noted that in terms of dictatorship and autocracy, no country in the world whose foreign policy is more paternalistic, self-serving, vicious, ruthless, iniquitous, unconciable and mercenary than the Americans and their Europeans allies.


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