July 22, 2022

How we created the inter-dealer brokerage sub-sector — Parthian Partners

How we created the inter-dealer brokerage sub-sector — Parthian Partners

By Cynthia Alo

Parthian Partners Limited has hinted that a thriving interdealer brokerage industry has emerged in the Nigeria’s financial sector after a decade of its pioneering role.

Speaking at the celebration of its 10 years anniversary last weekend, Chairman of Parthian Group, Mr Adedotun Sulaiman, commended the initiatives and hard works of its foundation staff for the results achieved in the industry so far.

Sulaiman stated: “Today we are celebrating all those who have contributed to the success of Parthian and the industry in general.

“For us, success was achievable because we had a clear vision of what we wanted to achieve, and we were focused on making it work.

“Parthian Partners became an interdealer broker in Nigeria at a time when the concept was alien to the region, so we had to build from scratch. It was no mean feat to introduce this vision and work with regulators and develop a framework for its regulation and operations. A vision which birthed not only a successful business but also a thriving sector.”

Chief Executive Officer of Parthian Partners, Mr Oluseye Olusoga, said the company has greatly contributed to bridging the gap in both the wholesale and retail financial sector.

He said, “The wholesale brokerage industry is one with huge potentials though when we decided to set up the first ever interdealer brokerage business in Nigeria, there was no regulatory framework, the industry didn’t even exist. 

“Now, there are so many other businesses in Nigeria who do what we do. We are happy that we have pioneered a burgeoning industry that improves liquidity, financial integration, transparency and efficiency in the African OTC and fixed income market.”