July 14, 2022

Divine govt panacea to Nigeria’s political problems — Maharaj Ji

Maharaj JI

By Gabriel Olawale

Against the backdrop of comments made by some Nigerians over the political trend in the country, the Living Perfect Master, Satguru Maharaj Ji, has called on the Federal Government to institute divine government of love, peace, harmony, justice, equity, fairplay and oneness.

Maharaj Ji, in a statement by his Minister for Information, Ojo Mogbadewa, said: “We will overcome all these vestiges of greed, hatred, avarice and acrimony, when we embrace the great light – Satguru Maharaj Ji.

“Because we have seen that our problem is spiritual. The only way to find a panacea is by embracing the light of creation. The Satguru Maharaj Ji has the temerity, audacity to reinvigorate the people and empower everyone who receives divine knowledge to overcome every tribulation and temptation.

“This is the time we have seen that we cannot do it on our own. The Nigerian political terrain has been tremendously traumatised by unrivalled unemployment, power failure, strikes, killings by herdsmen, kidnappings by unknown gunmen, armed robbery, rape, arson, mayhem and the devaluation of the naira, rendering our socio-economic wellbeing stagnant and unattractive.

“We have lost the best brains that constitute the human resources, as our work force are out of the country, seeking greener pastures. Some have died while crossing the desert to Libya or bathing dead bodies overseas in order to amass wealth. We have bastardised our customs, culture and tradition. We must go back to our tradition. We must go back to our roots.

“This is the time. Divine time when the Father of Creation will institute a ‘Divine Government’ of love based on love, peace, harmony, justice, equity, fair play and oneness – one nation, one bond, one indivisible, indissoluble country, Nigeria.”